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The AdMore Light Kit for the V47 topcase.

Enhance your visibility! Make sure that you’re seen with this light kit installed in your V47 top case!

The AdMore LEDV47-T-TS Light Kit significantly increases your visibility on the road by providing brake light, tail light and amber turn signal functionality to your V47 topcase. The LED arrays that come with this kit have been custom designed to fit perfectly in the stock GIVI light cut-outs. The new power harness that comes with this light kit even allows you to customize specific functionality.


  • High-powered* red/amber LED arrays fit perfectly in the stock GIVI light cut-outs (no modifications required)
  • New power harness design allows you to customize specific functions: 1. Brake Light Modulation (Default=”On”), 2. Brightness (Default=”High”), 3. Tail light (Default=”On”).
  • Power Harness mates to case using weatherproof, micro connectors to allow for easy and quick removal of your topcase from your bike
  • Brake light with modulation (optional) provides an excellent safety feature by quickly flashing the light kit brake lights 3 times before going solid at high intensity (similar functionality to many emergency vehicles on the road)
  • Case lights remain on while riding (tail light mode optional)
  • Amber turn signal functionality
  • Easy installation – only basic tools required
  • CANbus compatible
  • Specifically designed for motorcycle and scooter use

* Note: The small lens size on this particular top case limits the amount of light that can shine through the lens. Although we use high-powered LEDs, this light kit will be most effective in lower-light conditions (i.e. conditions other than bright sunlight).

What’s Included

  • New Power Harness with configuration options
  • Mating Case Harness
  • Two (2) high intensity bi-color (red/amber) LED arrays
  • Premium wire tap connectors
  • Detailed instructions with pictures
  • One (1) year limited warranty


  • GIVI V47 topcase
  • Red, clear/smoked case lenses


Instructions for LEDV47-T-TS (CG) Light Kit

17 reviews for V47 TOP CASE – LED KIT (CG)

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  1. Travis Harper (verified owner)

    This is a great company to do business with. Product was shipped in a very timely manner and I was very pleased with the components being packed very nicely in the box. I also appreciated the card included with the person’s name that packed the order. Just gives you a good feeling that the company and employees have a high quality and customer satisfaction standard and really appreciates it’s customers. This is the second product I have purchased from AdMore Lighting and would very much order again in the future.

    • AdMore Lighting (store manager)

      Hi Travis, Thanks for your kind review! Our customers mean the world to us so we try our best to take every step we can to make sure they know it. Glad to hear that you appreciated the personal touch! Enjoy your AdMore Light Kit. We’re here if you ever need us!

  2. Jonathan M. (verified owner)

  3. Dave M. (verified owner)

    Great kit and perfect fit for 2021 Concours.

  4. Kevin MYERS (verified owner)

    Everything worked great.

  5. Charles Lethbridge (verified owner)

    Adapter from GTR1400 incorrect had to swap brake wire with tail light. Apart from that all good. Like the amber signal lights

  6. John Boyd (verified owner)

    I installed these lights on my 2021 Cb500x. With the Givi bags installed they hide the tail light from the side. These lights help.

  7. Thomas Edwards (verified owner)

    All is good, Easy to install, Looks really good at night

  8. Chip G. (verified owner)

    Light kit is awesome. Much more visible. Does fit into the so-called Kawasaki top box. This is a Givi box without the Givi box emblems.

  9. Albert (verified owner)

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good product, easy to install, kit should be modified to allow all 4 areas to be lit up. I purchased additional LEDs and configured it myself and it looks and works great

  11. Stephen Myers (verified owner)

    I could not be happier with the product and support that I received. My fellow riders say that the bike lights up like Christmas.

    Image #1 from Stephen Myers
  12. Don W. (verified owner)

    They fit great and nice and brite

  13. Carl Maruyama (verified owner)

    Your service is excellent, all questions were answered in a timely manner. Install was easy, will have to have a motorcycle mechanic do all the wiring though.

  14. Kirk R. (verified owner)

    The only light kit with running/brake/blinker lights. Fairly easy install, fits very well but the stick-on wire holders don’t seem to be holding great, might have to drill some small holes and use zip ties instead, no biggie.

  15. Carol W. (verified owner)

    Hi I purchased a lighting kit for my top box. The delivery time was very fast. I am very happy with the lighting kit. It is a quality product and very easy to fit. 😀👌

  16. Scott (verified owner)

    Used on a 2016 FJR. Easy to install, and look great. But a little dim on their own, so I added the small light bar and used the Admore FJR adapter for power. No need to cut into any factory wiring. I tinned all the leads, used the included terminal block, and it all tied together nicely for an elegant, well-lit rear end.

    Image #1 from Scott
  17. Tom (store manager)

    I received my order and installed these lights on my Givi. Wow!! Great improvement on brightness and visibility! Really happy with this product!

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