Why Install our LED Light kits?

/Why Install our LED Light kits?
Why Install our LED Light kits?2017-08-03T13:27:19+00:00
  • Significantly increase your visibility on the road with high intensity brake lights, tail lights and turn signals!
  • LEDs illuminate more quickly than traditional incandescent bulbs and can make the difference in ensuring the driver behind you stops safely before hitting you.
  • Our LED light kits draw approximately 80% less current than the GIVI incandescent kit thereby reducing the drain on your bike’s electrical system.
  • Our LED kits enhance the great looks of your case(s).
  • Our LED kits come with weatherproof quick-disconnect connectors for easy and fast removal and replacement of your case(s) from your bike.
  • Our LED kits come complete with everything you need for a professional installation including detailed, easy-to-follow instructions with guiding pictures.
  • Every product we sell comes with AdMore’s highly acclaimed support and a complete money-back guarantee and comprehensive product warranty (try to find another motorcycle electrical product that comes with a full 1 year warranty!).

For riders in Europe and other locales where turn signal lights must be amber (yellow), please note that you can still use our light kits and benefit from high-powered LED brake light and tail light functionality.  If you wish, you can simply leave the turn signal wires from the power harness with embedded mini controller disconnected so that the turn signal function will not be activated with your bike’s turn signals.

Are you the lucky owner of more than one motorcycle or scooter? Are you looking to be able to use your cases with our LED light kit on multiple bikes? Purchase additional power harnesses and you can easily transfer cases between bikes and have all of the benefits of your LED light kit on each bike! Each power harness comes complete with all wiring leads and weatherproof connector(s) to connect to the existing connector(s) on your case(s). Click “Parts” above to order your additional power harness today!


I had the lights installed on my BMW R1200RT yesterday – red strips on the side cases and on the rear of the top case and amber on the side of the top case. Wow! The technicians at Bob’s were all amazed by how much it lights up the bike. So are we!

We like the RT so much that we are selling one of the other bikes and have an RT on order for my husband. We plan on putting the same lights on his bike, so I’ll be calling today to make the same order I did for mine!

You make a terrific product – can’t thank you enough for helping me feel safer on the road! – Lesley

Lesley B. (Middletown, MD) , December 2011