How do our Light kits work?

We use high intensity LED lighting for all of our kits (see below for more information on the characteristics and benefits of LED lighting). Our LEDs have a service life of many thousands of hours of use and will most likely outlast the life of your motorcycle.

Each of our kits comes complete with everything you need for a successful installation. All kits (excluding mini “TM” kits) – require you to drill a small hole in the bottom or side of your case(s) to accommodate our proprietary quick-connect, weatherproof connector.  We even include the necessary drill bit to make the installation quick and easy!

The mini controller is embedded in the power harness which is wired into your bike’s electrical system. The power harness connects to the mating connector(s) mounted in your case(s). Your case(s) can be easily taken on and off of your bike with a simple turn and pull of the harness connector from the connector on your case(s). When not connected, the harness can be quickly coiled and placed under your seat.

Connection of the power harness to your bike is easy with the included special connectors. Simply locate the running light, brake light (for bikes with the “one wire” tail light and brake light wire, a constant +12 volt source, switched with the ignition, will need to be located) and turn signal wires on your bike and connect the harness leads using the special connectors provided which will ensure a solid connection without damaging your bike’s electrical system. For those riders who are comfortable doing so, the harness wires can be soldered to each of the above wires on your bike.

Installations can typically be completed in 60-90 minutes and require basic tools including a drill. A circuit tester is handy for locating and confirming each of the wires on your bike. Easy-to-understand installation instructions – complete with guiding pictures – are included with every kit we sell.

Whichever kit you choose, it is our goal to ensure your happiness and complete satisfaction with your purchase. We will do whatever is necessary to achieve this goal.  You have our guarantee!  Remember, we’re here to help!

LED Info

Light Emitting Diodes (“LED”) are very bright but consume very little power. LEDs generate very little heat (much less than standard incandescent bulbs) and are very durable – typically lasting over 100,000 hours or 10 years of continuous use (considerably longer than conventional bulbs).

LEDs typically illuminate 15%-20% faster than conventional bulbs. At highway speeds this faster rate of illumination can make the difference in ensuring the driver behind you stops safely before hitting you!

As LEDs are very small, they can be installed in locations that are not practical for incandescent bulbs. Using the latest in LED technology, we have developed light kits that are custom designed for specific GIVI and other cases.