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If Intersections Were More Dangerous,
Would They Be Safer?

Three days ago, not 500 yards from my front door, the flashing red and blue lights of several police cruisers reflected from the chrome pipes on the downed motorcycle lying in the middle of the intersection, an unsettling reminder to all passersby that just a few moments before, a motorcyclist had had a very bad […]

Drivers May Not See You,
Even When They’re Looking Right at You

The volunteers file in one by one. They are told they will be watching a film clip and be asked a few questions about it afterwards. You might want to STOP and click the link to see a version of what they saw and test yourself before you continue.  In the film, there are two teams, each […]

Riding When it’s Hot:
14 Tips to Keep You Safe

The stoplight ahead turned yellow. I looked in my rearview mirror and saw the car behind barreling towards me. It was a 30 mph/50 kph zone, but he’d flagrantly surpassed that, so hell-bent was he to get through the yellow light. There was only one problem. I was in front of him, and I had already stopped.

It’s spring time – let’s get out and ride!

It’s Spring and it’s a great time to get on 2 wheels and explore! Whether riding in town or across the country, on a scooter or a motorcycle, being visible is key to coming home safely. Here are two important facts to consider:  1. There are far fewer motorcycles on the road as compared with […]