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The AdMore Universal Side Case Light Kit. Jesse? Pelican? TRAX? Trekker? Regardless of your case, chances are our new high-powered light kit will fit your case and will look great!

Enhance your visibility! Make sure that you’re seen with this light kit installed in your side cases!

The AdMore side case light kit significantly increases your visibility on the road by providing brake light, tail light and amber turn signal functionality to your side cases.  The new power harness that comes with this light kit even allows you to customize specific functionality.

Our low-profile, universal bi-color (Red/Amber) light arrays can be mounted on just about any side case with a relatively flat surface. Each LED light array comes with high strength 3M tape for a quick and permanent installation. Our LED arrays come with the wires exiting out the back of the array so that you can flush mount the array on just about any surface and the wires are 100% hidden from view. A professional installation that you can do yourself with a clean, wire-free result!


  • High-powered red/amber LED arrays look beautiful on aluminum and poly-carbonate side cases.
  • Power harness design allows you to customize specific functions: 1. Brake Light Modulation (Default=”On”), 2. Brightness (Default=”High”), 3. Tail light (Default=”On”).
  • Power Harness mates to case using weatherproof, micro connectors to allow for easy and quick removal of your cases from your bike
  • Brake light with modulation (can be turned off) provides an excellent safety feature by quickly flashing the light kit brake lights 3 times before going solid at high intensity (similar functionality to many emergency vehicles on the road)
  • Case lights remain on while riding (tail light mode optional)
  • Amber turn signal functionality
  • Easy installation – only basic tools required
  • CANbus/HexEZCan compatible

What’s Included

  • Power Harness
  • Mating Case Harness (2)
  • Two (2) high-intensity bi-color (red / amber) LED arrays
  • Premium wire tap connectors
  • Detailed instructions
  • One (1) year limited warranty

Installation is easy and can be done in an hour or two using basic tools!

You will not ride unnoticed with this light kit installed in your side cases! This kit is an important safety feature as it defines the edges of your bike!


  • No compatibility issues that we are aware of

Available Options

  • This kit is available with arrays in two sizes:
    • Small: 5″ x 1/2″ x 1/4″ (130mm x 13mm x 6mm)
    • Large: 83/4″ x 1/2″ x 1/4″ (220mm x 13mm x 6mm)

Check out this install on a 2019 BMW R1200GSA:


Instructions for Universal (CG) Sidecase Light Kit


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  1. Geir Ove Florø (verified owner)

    Top notch product. Service and response is over the top.

    Image #1 from Geir Ove Florø
    • AdMore Lighting (store manager)

      Thank you Geir! Happy to take care of you!

  2. Charles Henson (verified owner)

    Very easy install and I like that every thing was included also instructions were provided.

    Image #1 from Charles  Henson
    Video #1 from Charles  Henson
    • AdMore Lighting (store manager)

      Looks great Charles! Really defines the edges of your bike. Thanks for the pic and video!

  3. Jacobo Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Video #1 from Jacobo Rodriguez
  4. Darin (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, easy to install, and adds an element of rear visibility which is 100 times better than my stock rear lighting!

  5. Damon (verified owner)

    I Love these lights, the packaging was 1st class and the directions were excellent. They add a nice level of visibility to the rear of the bike with driving, brake and turns lights. Also, the brake light function flashes 3 times quickly whenever the brakes light are used so that draws eyes to your rear on the road. Something every motorcyclist needs more of.

    The bike is 2019 BMW K1600GT and some of my riding buddies were complaining about not being able to see my brake light while our riding. So, I added the 5″ Side Case lights (and others) and they look great, fit perfect and include quick-release, weatherproof connectors to allow for easy removal of the side cases. Not that I ever take them off unless I’m cleaning the bike. The BMW side cases have a natural crease that the LED strips fit into perfectly.

    I also had questions for AdMore pre-purchase they were quick, informative, knew exactly what I wanted to do and how to accomplish it. They even knew exactly where my tail light wire bundle was. The kit comes with everything you need to get the job done, even a drill bit so, no unnecessary trips to the hardware store. The wiring is a snap with the PosiTap connectors that are included. No cutting or splicing wiring, just twist and go. Thank you AdMore!!

    P.S. I tried to add a video of all the light functions but 25MB is the max attachment size.

    Image #1 from Damon
    Image #2 from Damon
    Image #3 from Damon
  6. Joe Lorenzo (verified owner)

    The installation went relatively quick, once I determined the location of the holes to be drilled in the side cases! Tapping into the existing wiring using the Posi-Taps was easy. I’ll give 5 stars for the quality of the kit itself and the functions of the LED array for the rear, brake, & turn signal lights. Excellent brightness and definitely adds a huge amount increased visibility from the rear. 2 things, I think, could use some improvement, and why I gave 4 stars:
    1) The cable plug that goes from the controller to the chassis receptacle (on side case) should either be a right angle or the kit should include a right angle adapter and
    2) There should be an intermediate connector between the controller and the cable plug, because:
    A right angle cable plug (or adapter) to mate with the right angle chassis receptacle would allow the cable to dress closely along the side of the case and be less apt to be accidentally snagged by something and possibly breaking. The area on the inside facing area of the outside portion of the case is relatively out-of-the-way, but, accidents do happen! And, if that cable plug does get damaged, the array on that side could no longer be functional. So, questions is, seeing as that cable goes directly to the controller: How to repair that without buying an entire new controller with cable and wiring leads (or try to do makeshift repairs myself)? If there was an additional junction between the existing cable plug and the controller and (that cable section) could be purchased as a repair part, this would definitely be an easier fix.

    Image #1 from Joe Lorenzo
    Image #2 from Joe Lorenzo
    Image #3 from Joe Lorenzo
    Video #1 from Joe Lorenzo
  7. Kevin H. (verified owner)

    Love the lights and the increased visibility.

  8. Steven (verified owner)

    this is my 4th set of lighting from these guys. As always a great product!!

  9. Mark B. (verified owner)

    Easy install; great service; great product

  10. Sean K. (verified owner)

    Product works great. Customer service was mediocre with no response to repeated pre-purchase request for info.

  11. GEORGE S. (verified owner)


  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

  13. Pat Konior (verified owner)

    Excellent kit, complete with easy to follow instructions and they even supplied the drill bit. The quick disconnect connectors are pretty trick, but the bike side connection, would allow more possible mounting locations, if it were a 90 degree connector as opposed to the inline one that is used in the kit. This would allow one to tuck the connection in up between the seat and the cases for protecting the connectors from damage. Love the kit!!!

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