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06/01: We’re out of stock of the AdMore Light Bar Pro.  More coming by the end of the month.  Orders will be processed in the order in which they are received.

The AdMore Motorcycle Light Bar Pro, with Bluetooth and Smart Brake Technology incorporates a sophisticated accelerometer sensor to detect rapid deceleration (from throttle release or downshifting) activates the Light Bar brake light automatically.

Enhance your safety and reduce the risk of a rear-end collision by having your AdMore Light Bar Pro illuminate even before you apply your brakes!

The AdMore Light Bar Pro comes pre-configured with the most popular options and settings and is ready to go out of the box. Customizing many of the functions and settings can be easily accomplished by using the AdMore App on your smart phone (available for download on iOS and Android).

admore motorcycle light bar

What makes this AdMore Light Bar Pro unique?

  • Aluminum housing incorporating 81 unified, high intensity, bi-color (red/amber) Cree LEDs (plus 3 white LEDs) to provide tail light, brake light, progressive amber turn signals and white strobe when brakes are applied.
  • Sophisticated Bosch accelerometer sensor detects rapid deceleration of the motorcycle or scooter and automatically activates the Light Bar brake light
  • Super bright brake light
  • Brake light modulation
  • Center column contains 3 super bright amber LEDs with unique flashing pattern (strobe) in brake light mode
  • Eye-catching progressive amber turn signals
  • Works with hazard (4-way flasher) lights
  • Integrated super-bright white license plate light to accommodate mounting above license plate
  • Firmware upgradeable, customer configurable
  • Universal, offset, black, powder-coated aluminum bracket included (optional straight bracket available)
  • Easy installation; all required hardware & premium connectors included
  • Optional smoke lens available
  • CANBUS compatible (all of our products are!)
  • Full one (1) year warranty
  • Approximate size: 8″(W) x 1.25″(H) x 0.75″(D)

Confused about which Light Bar to get? Click here for our handy Light Bar Comparison Chart.

What’s Included

  • AdMore Light Bar Pro
  • Universal, offset, aluminum mounting bracket
  • Premium wire tap connectors (5)
  • Hardware kit


  • All motorcycles/scooters with 12V electrical systems (including late model BMW, Ducati, Indian, KTM motorcycles)

Available Options

  • Clear or Smoked lens


Download the AdMore Connect App

AdMore Connect – App Store

AdMore Connect – Google Play 

Download the Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide (PDF)

AdMore Light Bar Pro – Installation Video

AdMore Connect App


AdMore Light Bar Pro – Installation Video

AdMore Connect App


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Q. Why do I want a light bar with Bluetooth?

A. All of our lighting products will make you much more visible to other drivers.  The AdMore Light Bar Pro with Bluetooth onboard allows you to configure your light bar just how you want it. Here are some of the options that you can control from your smartphone using the free AdMore Connect app (iOS & Android):

  • Brake light modulation (number of flashes and flash rate)
  • Tail light brightness
  • Brake light brightness
  • Center-column strobe (on/off)
  • License plate LED (on/off)
  • Accelerometer sensitivity
  • Turn signal type (standard or sequential)
  • Hazard light mode
  • Procession mode

Q. What is the difference between the offset and straight bracket?

A. Both brackets are designed to easily install the light bar in the location of your choice.  The offset bracket that comes with the Pro has been specifically designed for license plate installations. The offset bracket is designed to be mounted behind your license plate for a discrete, OEM-looking installation. The offset bracket is hidden behind your plate and also ensures that your light bar does not block any part of your license plate. The optional straight bracket is generally more suitable for non-license plate installations (e.g. flush mounted to a top box).

Q. Will the Light Bar fit on my bike?

A. Does your bike have a license plate? If “Yes” then it will fit!

Q. I have a late model motorcycle with a sophisticated ECU/CanBus system.  Is the Light Bar Pro compatible?

A. Yes! We have designed the Light Bar Pro to be compatible with motorcycles that have a traditional 12V electrical system and also late model motorcycles with advanced CanBus electrical systems including (but not limited to) BMW, Ducati, Indian Motorcycle, KTM, and Moto Guzzi.

Q. Do I need anything else (e.g. resistors, diodes, CanBus decoder, etc.) to install the Pro on my bike?

A. No! The Pro comes with everything you need to install the Light Bar on your bike. No adapters, decoders, resistors or diodes are required!

Q. I ride an Indian Motorcycle with inverted turn signals. Will the Pro work on my bike?

A. Yes! The Pro is smart enough to detect inverted turn signal situations and will auto-adjust so that the turn signals on your Pro will work properly.

Q. What is the license plate LED for?

A. The license plate LED installed in the bottom of the Pro housing  is designed to illuminate your license plate in those situations where mounting the Pro above your plate may partially or entirely block your OEM plate light. The Pro plate light can be turned on or off (default) using the AdMore Connect App.

Q. My bike doesn’t have Hazard Light functionality. Is there any way to put the Pro in Hazard mode?

A. Yes! Using the free AdMore Connect App (iOs & Android) you can access the App Dashboard and activate the Hazard lights on your Pro (of course if your bike already has Hazard light functionality then there is no need to access the App Dashboard for this as the Pro will automatically flash in Hazard light mode when you activate the Hazard lights on your bike).

Q. How difficult is it to install the Pro?

A. It’s easy! The Pro comes with detailed instructions and everything you need for a successful, professional installation.  The physical installation of the Pro is easy with the included offset bracket and hardware. Tapping the 5 wires (Power, Ground, Brake, Left & Right Turn Signals) on your bike is also easy with the included premium wire tap connectors. Don’t know which wires to tap? Just reach out to us and we can help!

Q. Clear or Smoked lens? How do I decide?

A. It’s purely personal preference.  Some people like vanilla ice cream and some like chocolate.  Is one better than the other? Depends on who you ask. This may not be a perfect analogy since there is a slight difference in light output between the two units. Both are very bright but the smoked lens does cut down the light output by 10%-15%. If you have a black or dark-color bike, the smoked lens looks pretty cool!

Q. What is Procession Mode?

A. Procession Mode (released 07/21) allows you to put the Pro into a mode where the amber LEDs flash in a wig-wag mode (like you might see on a tow truck or maintenance vehicle) to get the attention of drivers coming up behind you. This mode is particularly useful when riding in a group.  Procession Mode will be over-ridden every time you apply your brakes or a turn signal. The Pro will return to Procession Mode until you turn it off in the App or turn your bike off. Cool!

Q. How much is shipping for the Pro?

A. Just add the Pro to your Cart, enter your address on the Cart page and you will be shown shipping options and costs.

Q. Will my HEX ezCAN / Denali Smartcontroller work with the AdMore Pro?

A. Yes! You can use the HEX ezCAN to connect to any of our light kits. As the HEX ezCAN does not support turn signal functionality, if you want turn signals on your Pro, you will need to tap the left and right turn signal wires on your bike. All of our light kits include premium wire tap connectors that make it easy to tap your wires without damaging them.

For further information on using your HEX ezCAN / Denali Smartcontroller, please consult the user manual that came with your unit.

Q. Do I need to have a HEX ezCAN / Denali Smartcontroller / Can Opener to install the Pro on my late model BMW? 

A. No! The AdMore Pro has been designed to work on all motorcycles including current motorcycles with sophisticated ECUs and CanBus systems.  The Pro comes with five (5) premium wire tap connectors that allow you to easily and safely connect the Pro to your bike by simply creating a pin prick on each wire.  The integrity of your wiring remains intact and the connection remains solid for many years.

Q. Do I need to cut any wires on my bike to install the Pro?  

A. No! No! No! See answer above.

86 reviews for AdMore Light Bar Pro (8″)

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  1. Randy Mihalcheon (verified owner)

  2. Lawrence (verified owner)

    Worked great! VERY bright, which is just what I wanted. I have a 2022 Suzuki V-Strom 650 XT, and it does not have emergency flashers. I like that the Light Bar Pro has an emergency flasher feature you can enable from the phone app.

  3. Andrea Sears (verified owner)

    Once I was able to identify wires for the brake light and turn signals (an after market consolidated tail light had been installed before I got the bike) the installation of the light bar was pretty simple. My Triumph Street Triple also has a tail tidy so the bar is mounted at the bottom of the license plate. The lights are very bright and the turn signals make it perfectly clear that I intend to turn. And I really like having hazard lights, something the Street Triple didn’t have before. I’ll have to get someone to follow me and let me know how well it functions on the road but what I can see in the garage is great.

  4. Shawn K. (verified owner)

    I usually had a technician install my Admore Lights in the past. I did mine today by myself on my 2023 GSA. BMW has limited info on updated wire color mappings on their bikes. For those that have a GSA here are the wire colors you need to tap into. Most likely because BMW want you to spend your extra $$ on their service! Save your $$!
    Brake Light: Admore Blue wire taps into the BMW “Grey and Black” colored wire located on the taillight post. The wire is on the lower left post of the tail adapter.
    Ground Wire: Admore Black wire taps into the BMW “Brown” colored wire. See picture below where I tapped both the ground and power.
    Active 12V Power: Admore Red wire taps into the BMW “Red and Green” colored wire.
    Left Turn Signal: Admore Yellow wire taps into the BMW “Blue and Red” colored wire. Wiring is located on the left side of the exposed top.
    Right Turn Signal: Admore Green wire taps into the BMW “Blue” colored wire. Wiring is located on the right side of the exposed top.
    Hope this helps!

    Image #1 from Shawn K.
  5. spkuse (verified owner)

    I usually had a technician install my Admore Lights in the past. I did mine today by myself on my 2023 GSA. BMW has limited info on updated wire color mappings on their bikes. For those that have a GSA here are the wire colors you need to tap into.
    Brake Light: Admore Blue wire taps into the BMW “Grey and Black” colored wire located on the taillight post. The wire is on the lower left post of the adapter.
    Ground Wire: Admore Black wire taps into the BMW “Brown” colored wire. Use the center adapter that has both the power and ground cables
    Active 12V Power: Admore Red taps into the BMW “Red and Green” colored wire. Use the center adapter that has both the power and ground cables
    Left Turn Signal: Admore Yellow wire taps into the BMW “Blue and Red” colored wire. Wiring is located on the left side of the exposed top.
    Right Turn Signal: Admore Green wire taps into the BMW “Blue” colored wire. Wiring is located on the right side of the exposed top.

    Image #1 from spkuse
  6. larry (verified owner)

    so far i like the light. too early to tell how it holds up. very bright

  7. Gerald Leewaarden (verified owner)

    I truly recommend the pro light bar for added safety,I installed it on my Kawasaki Contour 14 with the adapter (sold separately) I noticed vehicles keep more distance at stops,lights or when I slow down. Thanks to the the staff at Admore for the guidance and overall customer service.

    • AdMore Lighting (store manager)

      Thanks Gerald – it was our pleasure to help you! Yes, the bright AdMore Light Bar wakes up drivers from their inattentive slumber!!

  8. Steve G. (verified owner)

    Great addition to improve rear conspicuity. Love the ability to program via phone app. Very bright and noticeable.

  9. Stephen Hannon (verified owner)

    Easy to install and lights up the rear of the bike way better than factory.

  10. Stef Blackman (verified owner)

    The product is very good, the installation however, was more of a challenge for my motorbike (and perhaps for me). The 5 wires required for the hook up were in 4 different places. I had the BMW Motorad dealership install it. For them it took less than 30 minutes seeing as they know all the wiring schematics. They were very impressed by the Light Bar Pro such that several technicians came to see it. That being said, the App is super friendly and adjustments are easy to do.

    The Light Bar Pro makes my motorbike VERY visible now.

  11. Matt D. (verified owner)

    The light is not plug and play as they described
    It requires shop installation which is expensive
    Return shipping is a joke and they charge almost 40 dollars to send it back!
    Will be contacting to file claim for my money back!

    • AdMore Lighting (store manager)

      Hello Matt, our light bar is not plug-n-play (and nowhere do we say that it is). Light Bar installation is relatively easy (generally takes 1-2 hours) and most (over 75%) of our customers install it themselves. We do not charge customers for return shipping. Return shipping is at the customer’s expense. We offered you the option of us providing you with a UPS Return label at a cost of $20. The choice was yours. You chose the UPS Return label which is why $20 was deducted from your refund amount.

  12. John V. (verified owner)

    Works great and not too difficult to mount. Have to spend some time routing the cable

  13. Muthuswamy Swamy (verified owner)

  14. Rick (verified owner)

    Replaced 7 year old one. Cover came off it riding to Alaska as screw holding cover pulled out of plastic it was threaded into (Not unscrewed, but tore out of plastic) used zip ties to hold on and glue when I got home. 5 years later it Started going on and off according to friend riding behind me as if a bad connection somewhere. Perhaps moisture got inside? It was on bike for over 50,000 miles, 48 states, 7 provinces and Yukon. Bought new to replace and like the added features of new high end model. Also have an older one on other bike. Lots of positive comments from other riders about good visibility. Off to Newfoundland soon. 😀

  15. Allan S. (verified owner)

    Easiest install ever. Works great.

  16. Chuck S. (verified owner)

  17. Thomas L. (verified owner)

    Good Evening, it’s beyond 5. I give ten on the rating cause it gives great action as people approach behind me. If all is hooked up every light does it’s job. Admore lights thank you again, it worth our Lives
    O even I was slowing down it let people know without hitting brakes yea.

    • AdMore Lighting (store manager)

      Thanks for your kind review, Thomas. We’re happy to read that you are so pleased with your AdMore purchase. Enjoy!

  18. Paul Stephens (verified owner)

    Install was fairly simple, and it works really well.

  19. Daniel B. (verified owner)

  20. Wayne R. (verified owner)

    Very happy with this purchase, and I planned to have my dealer install it during my annual service. Before purchasing, I asked them about rear lights, and they’d mentioned another brand. When I asked them to look at the Admore website, they liked the Light Bar Pro better.

    My dealer installed it during my service, though mistakenly installed it upside down. Admore tech support was incredible — responding over the holiday weekend several times to determine the issue, and which the dealer immediately fixed.

    I wish every product and tech support were this good. And I wonder why dealers don’t include this on every bike they sell — it makes such a difference for visibility to drivers who are often distracted.

    • AdMore Lighting (store manager)

      Glad that we were able to help you out Wayne and thank you for your kind review. Enjoy your AdMore Light Bar!

  21. Anonymous (verified owner)

  22. Greg Anderson (verified owner)

    I bought both the Light Bar and the Light Bar Pro during the most recent sale. I have not yet mounted either, but I currently have the Light Bar Pro on one of my BMW’s. I am really pleased with the product and I feel it greatly increases conspicuity.

  23. Frank (verified owner)

    Easy install, works as advertised. Very happy with the product and the additional visibility it affords.

  24. Steve B. (verified owner)

    Product is amazing, should be required on any motorcycle.

    • AdMore Lighting (store manager)

      Thanks Steve. We totally agree with you!! 🙂

  25. sean n. (verified owner)

    This is my second Admore product and I highly recommend these lights for yourself or a loved one who rides. I had not purchased one yet for my recent bike but had a crucial reminder when I was bumped at a light from behind by someone who was definitely on their phone.
    I recently used my new lightbar on a trip to British Columbia and it came in handy on those dark canyon roads. Just tapping the brake to make it flash will influence tailgaters to back off. I was approached twice by other bikers asking what the light was. I hope they buy one and hope you do as well.

    Image #1 from sean n.
    • AdMore Lighting (store manager)

      Hey Sean, thanks very much for the great review! We’re happy to hear that you’re happy with your light bar! We take pride in knowing that we’re helping to make motorcyclists safer out there!! Enjoy and ride safe!

  26. Jon Kelly (verified owner)

    These light bars are amazing and should come standard with a lot of different motorcycles. Manufacturers should want to include these and insurance should provide a discount when you have them installed. There’s too many motorcycles with little to no lighting in the back. This product is easy to install, use and looks great. I have 2!

    • AdMore Lighting (store manager)

      Thanks Jon for your review, support and loyalty!

  27. Jimmy Ely (verified owner)

  28. Philippe G. (verified owner)

    Great safety enhancement!

    Bike: Yamaha Tracer 9-GT

    The bike had 3 different wire bundle: right, center, left. The positap connectors fit the smaller gauge wires nicely (left and right bundles) but were a bit tight for the bigger gauge wire of the center bundle.

    The installation was easy and makes for a sturdy assembly. As you see I have put a few tiewraps around the light bar wire to prevent chafing on the licence plate edge. Also the side mounting screws were T-25; it was not a problem for me but why not Hex?

    Last, the bike picture is taken from a distance of about 45′ in full sun. The light bar sits below the licence plate and I have a Givi V56 top case installed. The brake signal is at strength 8/10.

    My riding buddy told me it was a definite improvement in visibility and we ride in daylight! I am also told, the turn signals are very bright as well.

    Very happy with my purchase! Great quality, clear instructions, neat packaging, fast delivery and a great added safety feature. I definitely recommend!!!

    Image #1 from Philippe G.
    Image #2 from Philippe G.
    Image #3 from Philippe G.
    • AdMore Lighting (store manager)

      Thank you Philippe! We appreciate you taking the time to write such a detailed review!

  29. Steve Adamson (verified owner)

    Like it a lot and great customer support.

  30. Michael Geringer (verified owner)

    David was very helpful with the installation. Customer service was very good. I believe the light will greatly improve visibility of the bike

  31. Allen Robison (verified owner)

    The AdMore lighting group were great to deal with. I was upgrading a BMW R1200RS that I had just bought and wanted to have the app to change the settings. They helped me out and their instructions were spot on. They seem to know every make and model regarding the install. I can’t say enough about their great service.

  32. Juan Manuel H. (verified owner)

    Muy contento! Este es el tercero que compro. Saludos de Guadalajara México 🇲🇽

    Image #1 from Juan Manuel H.
  33. Larry T. (verified owner)

    Great visual addition to our Bike and sidecar setup. Easy install on the 2018 Triumph Bonneville. Still trying to tweak the decelerometer feature. Brake light seems to flash during acceleration. More testing required.

  34. Charlie Long (verified owner)

  35. David Wilson (verified owner)

    Works great (after I had the defect fixed) It gives me more confidence out in the traffic, love the app adjustability!
    It was on my doorstep within 24 hrs!

    Image #1 from David Wilson
  36. David (verified owner)

    Very cool light for my 2007 Yamaha FJR. All features: Running, Brake with flicker lights, Signals, Hazards, even Processional mode. Had to make some modification routing cable through slot in mounting bracket and shared comments with Admore for possible future bracket improvement

  37. DeeAnna Weed (verified owner)

    Update to my May 15, 2021 review — I have used this light bar for two riding seasons so far and I am even more pleased with it than I was at first. It has performed flawlessly so far and I will buy this light bar again if I ever get another motorcycle. A couple of comments based on my experiences with this light bar —

    Accelerometer — I’ve had to tweak the settings of the accelerometer several times to get them adjusted just right for my motorcycle. The advantage of using the accelerometer feature is that it will trigger the light bar when the rider rolls off the throttle to slow down but doesn’t actually apply the brakes (aka engine braking). Since motorcycles slow down fast from engine braking, it’s good to be able to alert other drivers/riders that this is happening. The downside of using the accelerometer, however, is it sometimes triggers the light bar briefly when the cycle goes over a rough bump. I’ve quizzed my riding buddies about this, and everyone tells me they’d much, much rather see a few “false alarms” occasionally if that means the light bar will alert them when the motorcycle is slowing down due to engine braking.

    Phone app — At first I was standing too far away from the light bar when trying to the phone app. The phone couldn’t “see” the light bar to connect via Bluetooth. The Admore folks kindly advised me to stand right next to the light bar, and that immediately solved my problem.

  38. Gord Keen (verified owner)

    I just purchased my first Light Bar Pro for my 2022 Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro. I had a Light Bar on my previous Honda and was very happy with the product. Delivery of the Light Bar Pro was relatively quick (never quick enough when you have a new bike to customize). I did not have a wiring diagram for the Tiger so I contacted Admore for info. The response was very quick with all of the colours of wire I needed and additional information that on the Tiger I needed to turn on the “2 Lamp” mode on the App. Wiring the Light Bar Pro to my bike was super easy with the provided connectors. The problem came when I tried to configure the Light Bar Pro using the App. Installing the App was easy. The problem was that there was no “2 Lamp mode displayed on the Configure page of the App. I e-mailed Admore for assistance. Again, very speedy response with directions. I followed the directions but still no “2 Lamp” mode on the App. Another e-mail on a Saturday evening. Meanwhile I checked all of my wiring. While doing this, Admore phoned me to try and assist. I missed the call while checking my wiring. They also sent me an e-mail suggesting that I should use the “Update” function to update the firmware on the Light. After doing this, I had to uninstall the App and re-install it on my phone before the “2 Light” mode appeared. A bit frustrating but I have to say that the tech support was amazing. Having them phone me on a Saturday evening to try and get my issue resolved was far beyond what I expected. I absolutely love the product as it makes the bike so much more visible. 5 Stars for that. The frustration I went through with the App would have brought my rating of this product down, BUT, the tech support was so amazing that I am rating this as 5 Stars. David (from Admore) even contacted me after I got it working to confirm all was well. I highly recommend this product.

  39. Robert Blom (verified owner)

    Easy install. Excellent product. Works great and looks great. Ordered in the afternoon and had it first thing the next morning in Ontario.

  40. Alex Siegel (verified owner)

    I really like the light.

  41. Peter (verified owner)

    Flashy and safe modern device! Easy to fix on my R1200GS. One thing to go; make the light sensor work please, it would be perfect if the lightbar auto-ajusts during the day&night. Buyers in the Netherlands; be aware of the extra import costs (€58)

    Image #1 from Peter
  42. Alejandro (verified owner)

    Thank you for all the support you gave me in installing the light bar. The wires in my BMW weren’t straightforward. I’m super satisfied!

    Image #1 from Alejandro
    Image #2 from Alejandro
  43. Waqar Azim (verified owner)

    I bought the pro bar to install on my Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro in UK. First problem: the App does NOT work on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. I had to borrow someone else’s phone to configure the bar. Second Problem: I connected the bar as instructed, but there wasn’t enough power for the bar in the ignition circuit. I had to find an alternative switched circuit on the bike for it to run properly. This, fix I found on YT by accident and is not mentioned anywhere in the instructions. Problem 3: No room on Tiger to fix above the plate so had to be below the plate. The sizing of the plates in mush bigger in UK (and Europe). So the supplied brackets are just too small. I had to file chunks of plate to fit the bracket and drill additional holes in the plate. Not happy about that. Buyers beware.
    Now that its in and working I am happy with it – it can be very bright and indicators are good. The engine braking strobe in TINY – needs to be much BIGGER and BRIGHTER- it is a key requirements for bikes.
    On the whole I am glad I bought it but it was a tough to install and I had to do a lot of frigging. Please make more flexible sized brackets for under-plate fixing for someone outside Canada. Thanks.

    • David (store manager)

      Hello Waqar, we’re sorry that you had some challenges with your new light bar. Had you reached to AdMore support we would have been happy to help you. We had a problem with the App for Android for a couple of weeks which has now been fixed. Please try again with your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. It should work no problem. Regarding the bracket size, the bracket is specifically designed to fit license plates in Canada and the U.S. While we have had many customers buy the light bar in the U.K. and the E.U. it does require some modification to fit your larger license plates. Finally, please note that the entire light bar illuminates under engine braking (not just the single column of flashing LEDs). We’re glad that you’re happy with the final result. In the future, please reach out to us with any questions or concerns so we can help out. Enjoy your light bar!

  44. Dallas H. (verified owner)

  45. Tony V. (verified owner)

    Nicely made light bar. Had a little trouble connecting to the bike’s electrical system. Sent a couple of messages explaining the issue but figured out what was the problem before I received a reply. Happy with the light bar’s operation.

  46. Terry A. (verified owner)

    Great people to deal with. I’ve had a lot of positive comments from other riders. While getting gas I’ve used the app to turn on the demo mode to give others the show. Signal, brake emergency flashes. All adjustable with the app. Great product.

    Video #1 from Terry A.
  47. Ron M. (verified owner)

    My 1985 Honda V65 Sabre did not have great rear lighting by today’s standards even though I added LED lights. After installing the AdMore Light Bar my bike is totally visible from the rear in both day and night conditions. The people I ride with especially appreciate the deceleration feature when I’m downshifting or backing off my accelerator. Great product!

  48. robvelez (verified owner)

    Love this light bar pro on my new 2022 Yamaha Tracer 9 GT for more visibility and excellent features. Being able to customize the lights via the phone app is the way to go. I also added the reflective safety decals which really stands out on cloudier days and low light areas in the PNW.

    Image #1 from robvelez
    Image #2 from robvelez
  49. James Rone (verified owner)

    Never a problem. I used them for years. From Kawasaki to BMW GSA.

  50. Carl Croskey (verified owner)

    Great customer support and service. Did not yet install the light but plan to shortly.

  51. François Paquette (verified owner)

  52. Richard M. (verified owner)

    Great product, well-made, packaged nicely, easy instructions, with everything you need to install.

  53. Curtis Donner (verified owner)

    The light preforms as advertised. I have had fellow riders comment on how effective the light bar is. I’m very pleased.

    Image #1 from Curtis Donner
    Video #1 from Curtis Donner
  54. Dave L. (verified owner)

    very happy with it. Probably will buy one for my wifes fz6r!! Only complaint no Allen wrench for light screw attachment to bracket.

  55. Gord Rutherford (verified owner)

    I purchased the Light Bar Pro and a Plug and Play adapter for my 2017 V Strom 650. The Light bar Pro is an amazing piece of kit. Functions very well and is extremely bright and eye catching. When going to install it I found that the plug and play adapter would require me to strip alot of the bike in order to access the very rear of the bike. I mentioned it to David and suggested a possible solution. They built a new adapter for the V Strom that made it so much easier to install. The result was an easy install without being required to remove any panels from the bike. Great service and feed back from Admore. I highly recommend this Canadian company

    Image #1 from Gord Rutherford
  56. Kevin L. (verified owner)

    Light arrived in FL in two days! Instructions were clear and it hooked up to my Kawasaki H2 SX SE without issue. Works just as it shows in the videos.

  57. Nigel Nichols (verified owner)

    Purchased 8 inch admore light pro model very satisfied with product I turned it to the maximum brightness level it makes the world around aware theirs a motorcyclist who wants to go home to his loved ones and to be noticed thanks Admore for watching my back .

  58. JIM VARDY (verified owner)

  59. Lyle (verified owner)

    Solid design and no doubt will get drivers attention that you are stopping or turning. The light bar has a clean look on the FJR1300. Bluetooth connection and the Admore app allows tuning the light bar to do exactly what i want (example-Tune the decelerometer to only engage on hard downshifts). The app has a display that allows real time monitoring of what the light bar is doing when riding, aiding in the tuning process.

    Image #1 from Lyle
  60. Michael B. (verified owner)

    The experience was great! The product arrived in a timely manner. I’ve tried several light bars and this one one is best, by far! Installation was very easy, 30 minutes I had it all installed and was ready to ride. Being able to change the lightbar settings via phone is pretty cool, too. All-in-all a great experience and I would definitely recommend buying from Admore.

  61. John W. (verified owner)

    What a great safety addition! I already had an Admore light bar on a different bike and was super happy with it and the service, so I got another for my F750gs. I tucked it under the luggage rack so it’s very visible from behind but out of the way.

    Image #1 from John W.
    Image #2 from John W.
    Image #3 from John W.
  62. Harry G. (verified owner)

    Excellent unit

  63. Paul Marks (verified owner)

    First one works a treat. Unfortunately the second one never arrived or was taken from our front porch

  64. Bruce (verified owner)

    Requested wiring but colours did not match bike. Easy fix with test light. Works perfect, very pleased!

  65. Jim C. (verified owner)

    Product is as advertised. I will be installing it on the bike when it’s off the road for the winter.

  66. Mitchell (verified owner)

    Great product!!! I commute 40mi on early morning predawn CRAZY LA highways and the light bar makes me exponentially more visible. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to up the safety factor of riding at night.

  67. Raymond Hearn (verified owner)

    Like it very well. Mounted mine on a 2021 Indian Roadmaster below the tour box. Would highly recommend this for anyone who rides a motorcycle.

  68. Rajan Hooda (verified owner)

  69. Sharron Z. (verified owner)

    David was very helpful, shipping was very fast!

  70. Travis (verified owner)

    I am so happy with this light bar! The best compliment I got from my riding partner was: “that thing is so annoyingly bright” LOL. It made me so happy to be seen instead of being invisible and it gives me a little more confidence as a new rider when cars are not tailing me too closely.

  71. Mark N. (verified owner)

  72. John A. (verified owner)

    This light bar adds the safety aspect I want, and the app is phenomenal!

    Image #1 from John A.
  73. Brian (verified owner)

    Great light, and thorough instructions considering the vast amount of bikes on the market. David was a great help also! Will be ordering another one for my second bike soon!

    Image #1 from Brian
  74. Terry (verified owner)

  75. Anonymous (verified owner)

    good product, a bit overpriced.

  76. Sharon Secrest (verified owner)

    A must have

  77. Mark B. (verified owner)

    I installed the new 8” Admore Light Bar Pro on my Yamaha FJR. AWESOME is the only way to describe it. Easy installation using the company model-specific wiring harness. The design enables the user to control the brightness of the running light, intensity of the brake light, number of flashes before the brake light goes solid, and the flashing speed with a smart phone. I set the brake light intensity at 10 (full “phaser” power) that should be enough to wake up any driver behind me. I rarely recommend products, but the Light Bar Pro is worth the extra money and in my opinion, a game changer. Superior to products made for my Harleys.

  78. Robert W. (verified owner)

    Easy installation and the wiring for Yamaha was 100% accurate for 2020 Tracer 900GT

    Image #1 from Robert W.
  79. DeeAnna W. (verified owner)

    Initial thoughts — Installation was straightforward on my Kawasaki W800 after I figured out how the wires in the bike’s wiring harness matched up with the wires for the light bar. The AdMore website has a color key that was very helpful.

    I put the light bar above my license plate, since there was room for it there and the bar is a bit more protected from bumps in that location.

    The “Positap” fasteners work well and are easy to use, although they’re a bit bulky. If space is tight under the seat, as it was on my bike, be sure to locate these fasteners in an area where there’s enough room.

    The tail light (the lower intensity brake light when the brakes are not applied) is considerably larger and more noticeable than the stock tail light.

    The progressive turn signals and the flashing brake light are extremely bright and hard to ignore! Very pleased about this. I have yet to test the accelerometer function (the feature that flashes the brake light when you decelerate without braking).

    Image #1 from DeeAnna W.
    Image #2 from DeeAnna W.
    Image #3 from DeeAnna W.
  80. Bill (verified owner)

    Arrived 2 days before a big trip. Easy installation,works great.

  81. Paul S. (verified owner)

    I’ve put an AdMore LightBar on every bike I’ve owned. Great company to deal with and their products are outstanding. Highly recommended!

    Image #1 from Paul S.
  82. Bernard (verified owner)

    It is the second one I bought from you so yes it is a upgrade for safety.Very easy to install (Ducati ST4s)

    Image #1 from Bernard
  83. Wayne Allen (verified owner)

    Installed on 2020 Indian Roadmaster. Fit perfectly on cross bar below the tour pack. Also purchased the plug-n-play adapter and a Delphi 5-pin connector set which made installation a breeze. The blue tooth app works perfectly on my Samsung S7E cell phone. Overall I am extremely happy with the quality, brightness and ease of installation.

    Image #1 from Wayne Allen
  84. Christian T. (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Great for visibility and safety. I’d recommend the Light Bar Pro to any rider.

  85. Brian (verified owner)

    Nice to have an excellent bright tail light/ brake light. I feel much safer having the extra light.

  86. Ira Lebowitz (verified owner)

    The Light Bar Pro was extremely easy to install especially since I have an AdMore LED kit in my Givi top case. All I needed to do to connect the electrical wires was unscrew the posi tap from each corresponding color coded wire of top case kit and ad the Light Bar wire to the posi tap and tighten. Easy!

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