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The AdMore Light Kit for the E55 topcase.

Enhance your visibility! Make sure that you’re seen with this light kit installed in your E55 top case!

The AdMore LED55-T-TS Light Kit significantly increases your visibility on the road by providing brake light, tail light and amber turn signal functionality to your E55 topcase. The LED arrays that come with this kit have been custom designed to fit perfectly in the stock GIVI light cut-outs. The new power harness that comes with this light kit even allows you to customize specific functionality.


  • High-powered red/amber LED arrays fit perfectly in the stock GIVI light cut-outs (no modifications required)
  • New power harness design allows you to customize specific functions: 1. Brake Light Modulation (Default=”On”), 2. Brightness (Default=”High”), 3. Tail light (Default=”On”).
  • Power Harness mates to case using weatherproof, micro connectors to allow for easy and quick removal of your topcase from your bike
  • Brake light with modulation (optional) provides an excellent safety feature by quickly flashing the light kit brake lights 3 times before going solid at high intensity (similar functionality to many emergency vehicles on the road)
  • Case lights remain on while riding (tail light mode optional)
  • Amber turn signal functionality
  • Easy installation – only basic tools required
  • CANbus compatible
  • Specifically designed for motorcycle and scooter use

What’s Included

  • New Power Harness with configuration options
  • Mating Case Harness
  • Two (2) high intensity bi-color (red/amber) LED arrays
  • Premium wire tap connectors
  • Detailed instructions with pictures
  • One (1) year limited warranty


  • GIVI E55 topcase
  • Red, clear/smoked case lenses


Instructions for LED55-T-TS (CG) Light Kit

23 reviews for E55 TOP CASE – LED KIT (CG)

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  1. Steve R. (verified owner)

    Final result is great, just be careful with the light arrays, they’re easy to damage. I messed one up and was giving the opportunity to buy another at a discounted rate. Pro tip, don’t use super glue!

  2. Daan (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery! The cable looks like quality.
    Ok. The downside. For my topcase it was far from plug&play.
    The ledstrip didn’t match the holes in the reflector and is longer as the space it should fit in.
    As I really like the lights I am not going to send it back.
    After a few hours of finetuning the ledstrips are fully in place and working.
    Big thumbs up for the posi-tap things! Never seen them before. The connection to the bike costed no more than 15 minutes.
    Only thing I have to do is creating a protection for the connection on the topcase.
    It sticks out 30mm, and it will break sooner or later by a duo that kicks the connection while stepping on or of.

    Image #1 from Daan
    Image #2 from Daan
    Image #3 from Daan
    Image #4 from Daan
    Image #5 from Daan
  3. David Dawson (verified owner)

    The ‘square’ LEDs were not a good fit in the ‘round’ holes of the E55 Givi top box reflector, and require patience to install.
    However the service from AdMore was fantastic and they were extremely considerate especially in sending a replacement for one that I damaged.
    All in all I am very pleased and would have no hesitation in recommending AdMore to my friends colleagues.
    Thank you.

  4. JOEL PINET (verified owner)

    Travail delicat pour installer les leds dans les deflecteurs.
    La pose des cables et le raccordement au circuit de la moto sont plus simple malgrès
    le démontage des supports valises et top case.
    Bon produit et je suis heureux du résultat.
    Livraison très rapide 4 jours pour la France ….bravo

    Image #1 from JOEL PINET
    Image #2 from JOEL PINET
  5. Chris W. (verified owner)

  6. Arto (verified owner)

    Great Led kit and easy install. Totally worth it.

  7. Jack D. (verified owner)

  8. TODD (verified owner)

    Once installed, works great. Instructions could be more helpful. Outstanding customer service.

  9. Steve M. (verified owner)

    Admore LED light kit works very well and dramatically increases visibility on the road. Everything needed for installation was included and instructions were easy to follow.

    Image #1 from Steve M.
    Image #2 from Steve M.
    Image #3 from Steve M.
  10. Christian A. (verified owner)

    Image #1 from Christian A.
  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Hi. I am satysfied with the light. I have sendt you pictures of the light mounted on my bike, bet I have not resived my discount on 10 dollars.

    Image #1 from Anonymous
    Video #1 from Anonymous
    Video #2 from Anonymous
  12. Andew C. (store manager)

    Thank you guys for your awesome service and a making a great product.

  13. Issac W. (store manager)

    I didn’t pay attention to the wires, since I used the Strom harness kit (which I’m terribly glad for; just getting that thing in there without taking the panels off was a nightmare in itself! I love Posi-Taps, but in there, that probably would’ve broken me). Thanks for making a kit so much better than Givi bothered to!

  14. Clinton S (store manager)

    Just wanted to thanks the folks at Admore for such a slick easy product to work with. Everything was straightforward and simple to install using the adapter. It took me longer to get the body panel off and on than it did to hook up the lighting.

  15. Craig V. (store manager)

    I just installed your lighting kit for my Givi Top Case. I would like to compliment you on the quality and ease of installation. The lights work as advertised and I would gladly purchase from you in the future.

  16. Jamie R (store manager)

    I am a year round commuter, and rely on my Givi E55 top box. I purchased the Admore lighting LED set specifically for this box, and it is fantastic. It was easy to install, and fit perfectly. The functionality of the unit is perfect and precise, the led lights are reassuring on those dark rainy nights, especially when you’ve got a distracted driver come up from behind. Admore supports their produce well also, if an issue arises, it is dealt with quickly and to the customer’s satisfaction (i know i was), emails are answered promptly. All in all the product and the company are top notch.. I’m a customer for life – Jamie, Vancouver B.C. (2004 Triumph Speed Triple)

  17. Tom (store manager)

    Hi, I just wanted to thank you all for a great product. I ordered LED55-T-TS and just fitted it to my new honda vfr1200x crosstourer. It looks great! thank you mr happy mel

  18. Terence S. (store manager)

    Hi, Many thanks for my LED55 – T- TS light kit, easy to fit, fantastic and they
    work real good. Many thanks again!

  19. Ira C. (store manager)

    This is my second purchase of an Admore lighting controller, and they say, the second time is always better!” I just got a new Givi E55 case and had no hesitations about getting the Admore lighting kit for my new top case. My old case was the E470 and used the Admore lighting kit on that for 3 year without any problems….so the second time was just as great..installation of the lights were easy, love the new clips that you include to help hold the wiring down inside the case. Everything worked like a champ….love the new brake modulation feature that pulses the brake lights in top case. Great products and company to do business with…thanks Admore!

  20. Jay W. (store manager)

    Hello and Happy New Year! I got the light kit I received from you installed today, everything turned out great with the install, very nice product! Thank you!

  21. Curtis C. (store manager)

    Thanks a lot – really like the increased lighting!

  22. Alex B (store manager)

    Brilliant kit – fitted well and looks fantastic

    Many thanks for excellent service – you are a model organisation!!!!

  23. Durg R. (store manager)

    You have a great product. I really like the tail lights on the GIVI 55 and had lots of inquiries on them. I know that a friend of mine liked them so much, he bought a light kit from admore for his GIVI e41’s. If ever someone asks about them I will always give ADMORE a great review.

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