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New for 2020! Our popular V46 light kit now comes with amber turn signals (instead of red).

The AdMore Light Kit for the V46 top case. Enhance your visibility! Make sure that you’re seen with this light kit installed in your V46 top case! The AdMore LEDV46-T-TS Light Kit significantly increases your visibility on the road by providing brake light, tail light and amber turn signal functionality to your GIVI V46 top case. The LED arrays that come with this kit have been custom designed to fit perfectly in this case. Using high-intensity, high-efficiency LEDs, our brake light kit draws less than 300Ma with the brakes applied (as compared with nearly 700Ma using conventional incandescent bulbs).


  • High-powered red/amber LED arrays fit perfectly in the stock GIVI light cut-outs (no modifications required)
  • New power harness design allows you to customize specific functions: 1. Brake Light Modulation (Default=”On”), 2. Brightness (Default=”High”), 3. Tail light (Default=”On”).
  • Power Harness mates to case using weatherproof, micro connectors to allow for easy and quick removal of your topcase from your bike
  • Brake light with modulation (optional) provides an excellent safety feature by quickly flashing the light kit brake lights 3 times before going solid at high intensity (similar functionality to many emergency vehicles on the road)
  • Case lights remain on while riding (tail light mode optional)
  • Amber turn signal functionality
  • Easy installation – only basic tools required
  • CANbus compatible

What’s Included

  • New Power Harness with configuration options
  • Mating Case Harness
  • One (1) center array and two (2) side high intensity bi-color (red/amber) LED arrays
  • Premium wire tap connectors
  • Detailed instructions
  • One (1) year limited warranty


  • GIVI V46 topcase
  • Red, clear/smoked case lenses

Available Options

  • To make installation even easier, if your bike is listed in the option menu above, you can select the indicated adapter which comes with an OEM connector specific for your bike!

Important All of our light kits come with premium wire tap connectors to easily, quickly and effectively tap the necessary wires on your bike. If your bike is listed in the option menu above, you can select the indicated harness or adapter which comes with an OEM connector specific for your bike to make installation even easier and faster! Please note: The adapter options are for the indicated motorcycles only!  If you do not have any of these motorcycles please do not order these optional adapters. For all other motorcycles, please choose the “Standard” harness from the option list.

Release date: 02/20


Instructions for LEDV46-T-TS (CG) Light Kit

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  1. Robert Collings (verified owner)

    ..and great customer service from Dave!

  2. COLLIN (verified owner)

    Although documentation (install details) were a little weak for someone who has not previously installed lights, it is fairly intuitive. Great product!

  3. Shawn D. (verified owner)

    The ease of ordering and ultimately arrival of the light kit is why I keep coming back.

  4. Daniel Phillips (verified owner)

    Instructions need to be improved, pictures were labeled Fig 1, Fig 2, etc. but in the instruction text it never referred to them (except fig 6). Some pictures were hard to identify which part of the top case, the lid or the base, was being shown.

    I liked that there is a selector switch to turn on or off the fast blink when first applying brake although the description of which switch does that was not clear. Instruction for Switch 2 & 3 (or was it switch 3&4) seemed to say the same thing

  5. Dany Langlois (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping and 1st class customer service! Thank you!

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