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The AdMore Light Kit for the E52 top case.

Enhance your visibility! Make sure that you’re seen with this light kit installed in your E52 top case!

The AdMore LED52-T-TS Light Kit significantly increases your visibility on the road by providing brake light, tail light and turn signal functionality to your E52 top case.  The LED52-T-TS light kit has been custom designed to fit the GIVI E52 top case.

The LED52-T-TS light kit has been custom designed to fit the GIVI E52 top case. Each kit contains two high intensity LED light panels that fit perfectly behind the lenses of the E52 case to give you and your bike great wrap-around visibility!


  • High-powered red LED array panels fit perfectly in this GIVI case (no modifications required)
  • Power Harness mates to case using weatherproof, micro connectors to allow for easy and quick removal of your top case from your bike
  • High-intensity brake light
  • Case lights remain on in tail light mode while riding
  • Red turn signal functionality
  • Easy installation – only basic tools required
  • CANbus compatible
  • Specifically designed for motorcycle and scooter use

What’s Included

  • Power Harness
  • Mating Case Harness
  • Two (2) high-intensity red LED array panels
  • Premium wire tap connectors
  • Detailed instructions with pictures
  • One (1) year limited warranty

Installation is easy and can be done in an hour or two using basic tools!

You will not ride unnoticed with this light kit installed in your E52 top case!

Already have the GIVI E52 light kit? Want a much brighter brake light with a continuous running / tail light in a kit that uses little power? Order our LED replacement kit with brake / tail controller (Part #LED52-TM)


  • GIVI E52 topcase
  • Red, clear/smoked case lenses


Instructions for LED52-T-TS Light Kit

25 reviews for E52 TOP CASE – LED KIT (TS)

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  1. DEAN BOYD (verified owner)

    A very very appealing light kit , great to install with its simplicity and straight forward installation….. You will need to check your colour codes for your bikes break or stopping light and right and turn signals to work the light correctly…… The white wire in kit is like your gain up power wire so as to brighten the break lights when illuminatedo this goes with the load wire which is red or + wire +Positive conextion to battery… The other wires you would easily work out where they connect…..!
    I just want to say to the producer and or proprioter to admore lighting a Thousand welldone to this product and I have already made aware to your company to others…..!!
    Hopefully soon I would again upload a video and or photo to this review..again well Done.!

    Dean M B


  2. Victor Krell (verified owner)

    I was very impressed with the quality of the kit I received. I had a chat with Daniel today about wiring for my Oil verging. He was very helpful. I am certain to recommend you to people inquiring about Admore. Thank you

  3. Stanley (verified owner)

    Easy install with plug and play connections for my Concours 14. Much more visible from behind now. Good product.

  4. Kirk (verified owner)

    Excellent kit, easy install routine. Great additional lighting at the rear for ID10Ts

  5. Martin D. (store manager)

    Just a quick note to say that the installation of the FJR wiring and lighting kit for the Givi E52 top case on my 2012 Yamaha FJR 1300 was very simple and it works great! I like that you have OEM connectors for the FJR and I don’t have to splice into the factory wiring. The small problem I did have was very quickly resolved. Thanks for sending the replacement part.

    Excellent product, Excellent customer service!

  6. John D. (store manager)

    I recently purchased an admore light kit (PCA) for a Givi 52L case with the FJR wiring harness. The kit works great – thank you!

  7. Bill R. (store manager)

    Hi, Re E52Top Box light kit LED52-T-TS. I received my light kit & managed to fit it to my Tmax 500 in 1hour & 30min . Excellent product in all respects , it took a little longer to fit as the support bracket had to be removed. Full marks to a great product!

  8. Jason J. (store manager)

    Last night I successfully installed the LED52-T-TS light kit on my 2003 Honda ST1300. I must say that I was rather impressed with how well planned and complete the kit was. With wire management clips, anextra fuse, foam seals, a drill bit, and Posi-Tap connectors, it’s obvious that your team truly understands the meaning of “easy installation”. Putting everything together was a breeze, and made for an enjoyable evening in the garage. To say I am quite pleased with the outcome would be an understatement. Thank you!

  9. Curtis C (store manager)

    Many thanks, I received the kit and have it installed. It took about 1 hour
    as I have to remove the Givi rack and rear cowl of my Honda 919.
    Great product and looks great, thanks.

  10. Rob J. (store manager)

    I have installed your kit for the Givi 52 liter topcase. Great product.

  11. Mike E. (store manager)

    I installed your lighting kit on my Givi 52 top case in one evening (good for me, a novice electrician). But only the brake lights worked, so I called your support line the next day and left a message describing the situation. David called back a few minutes later (amazing return call speed!). He quickly understood the problem and had the solution, or at least he was willing to bet. Good thing I didn’t take the bet, because I would have had to pay up. I had reversed the wire colors on my bike. A quick swap and everything worked as designed. The cost of this kit includes excellent support.

  12. Rick R. (store manager)

    Just finished the install of my top case’s brake lights and turn signals and WOW!! – they’re great!

  13. John G, (store manager)

    I LOVE this kit!

  14. Michael H. (store manager)

    I LOVE my lighting kit for my Givi Maxia! I feel so much more safer driving now, especially at night. Thanks again AdMoreLighting for a great product!

  15. Nick R. (store manager)

    Well done with your product! It’s very neat and well put together. It was quite easy to work on and a kid could follow the wiring diagram.
    Good luck for the future and here’s hoping for some good weather next weekend so I can show off my new lights!

  16. Dennis S. (store manager)

    I have gotten to the point that I don’t feel comfortable riding without your lights!

  17. Simon G. (store manager)

    Fitted kit today and works great!! Thanks again for a very nice product and service.

  18. Robert M. (store manager)

    Thank you so much for returning my call last evening, your suggestions sure made the installation go much easier. I decided to install the cable connector towards the very back of the bike, just to the right of center of the Givi E52. It appears to be better protected there than towards the front where my helmets may rest on the wire and damage it. The connector is much more noticeable from the outside so it may prevent me from yanking the case off and forgeting about the connector. The PosiTaps worked great and the kit functions perfectly.

  19. Michael D. (store manager)

    The customer service over at Admore Lighting is excellent! I e-mailed them late one Friday night with a question on a possible defective harness. I expected to hear back from them the following Monday. Instead, I got an e-mail back that same night! To make a long story short, David took very good care of me. He said that I could give him a call when I got off of work, which was at 11:00 (that’s PM on a Friday night!). After talking about my harness problem, David said that it sounded like I may have a defective harness and that he would arrange to have a replacement harness sent out to me right away. Unfortunately, there was a postal service delay getting it to me and David sent me another one via courier at a cost of $35 which they paid for. As it turned out, I received the 1st replacement harness the same day they sent the 2nd one! I tested and installed it. It was perfect.

    It would be great if more companies stood behind their products like Admore Lighting does. I feel safer knowing that people can see me better and it greatly enhances my Givi E52. I love their product!

  20. Bruce F. (store manager)

    I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the Admore Lighting kit that is installed in the Givi E52 topcase that is mounted on my Yamaha FJR. When I first saw the video on the Twisted Throttle website where this particular lighting kit was demonstrated I knew I had to put one on my FJR. At that time I had the Yamaha factory trunk installed and was dissatisfied with the lack of space inside and most especially lack of additional lighting. The factory taillight/turn signal combination seemed woefully inadequate especially here in southern California with all the distracted drivers we have. I removed the factory trunk, purchased and installed the Givi E52 topcase and most importantly the Admore Lighting kit that fits inside. To say that I am thrilled with the extra visibility is a major understatement. The bright red LEDs for both the brakelight as well as turn signals are all that I hoped they would be. You guys have a winner as far as I’m concerned!

    Recently I was carrying something in the topcase that broke one of the connector wires and shorted out part of the connector plug. This resulted in the left side LED’s not working. I sent an email requesting assistance and within 30 minutes David called me back and explained that I had burned out part of the embedded mini controller and agreed to send me a new harness to replace the damaged one. Within a week I had the new harness and then installed the portion that attaches to the bike but I failed to change the portion inside the top case and promptly blew out the new harness. I again called David and he agreed to send me yet another new harness even though damaging the first replacement was entirely my fault. The second replacement harness is now installed in its entirety and the lighting kit is again working perfectly. I simply cannot say enough good about Admore Lighting and their LED kits. The after-sale service and support is absolutely unbelievable. Thanks to David at Admore Lighting for his willingness to go above and beyond in helping me fix my problem.

  21. I. Cryer (store manager)

    My light kit for my E52 top box arrived swiftly and safely…all fitted and working 100%!

    These lights are excellent!!!

    Your customer service is to be commended….

  22. J. Montrose (store manager)

    You guys have a great product! There was a problem with my harness on my DL650 but you replaced it with a new one right away. The new harness works great and I love the lights on my E52 case. They give me so much more visibility on the road. The wrap-around feature is awesome! Thanks for a great product and great service. I have already recommended your company to others and will continue to do so! Thanks again!!

  23. F. Kristensen (store manager)

    As a former police motor officer, and a current motorcycle safety instructor, I know that anything a rider can do to make them self more visible in traffic will lessen the likelihood that they will be involved in a collision with another motorist. Adding luggage to a motorcycle may in some situations block the lines of sight to the rear lights on the bike. This can create additional hazards, especially in heavy traffic. Vehicles following behind and to the side may not see the bike’s signals or brake lights when they are activated.

    The systems Admore Lighting offers for Givi luggage provide effective solutions to make motorcycles more visible in traffic. Their control system incorporating brake and signal light functions make the added lights far more effective than just running lights alone. Getting the brake light up into the line of sight of a driver following behind could be a life saver!

    Installation of the kit on my bike was very straightforward, and everything needed was supplied including the drill bit to install the electrical connector! Admore Lighting’s customer service is second to none. My questions regarding the application on my motorcycle were answered promptly, and my kit arrived within days of my order.

    Being seen is essential to being safe on a motorcycle. Admore Lighting systems are attention grabbing. Because they integrate so well into Givi’s luggage, Admore Lighting systems will make your bike look just that much better as well!

  24. M. Stonehouse (store manager)

    First of all, I would like to say thanks to you and Admore Lighting for asking me to take part in your V35 beta program . The package that you sent to me arrived in 2 days. The kit was well thought out, the instructions were well laid out and easy to follow. The wiring itself was very straight forward and very neat and tidy – the connectors made the job easy. I am more than satisfied with the outcome of this undertaking. I have had nothing but positive response on your lighting kits [LEDV35-S and LED52-T-TS] and will be recommending it highly on all of the motorcycling forums that I am currently a member of. This kit has improved the safety of my bike ten-fold. Thanks again for the opportunity and a great product.

  25. D. Schroeter (store manager)

    I received the kit [LED52-T-TS] on Monday and installed it on Monday nite. Looks great and makes me feel a lot safer! Having already been run over once, I’m big on conspicuity enhancements to my bike.

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