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The AdMore Motorcycle Light Bar Pro, with Bluetooth and Smart Brake TechnologyTM incorporates a sophisticated accelerometer sensor to detect rapid deceleration (from throttle release or downshifting) activates the Light Bar brake light automatically.

Enhance your safety and reduce the risk of a rear-end collision by having your AdMore Light Bar Pro illuminate even before you apply your brakes!

The AdMore Light Bar Pro comes pre-configured with the most popular options and settings and is ready to go out of the box. Customizing many of the functions and settings can be easily accomplished by using the AdMore App on your smart phone (available for download on iOS and Android).

admore motorcycle light bar

What makes this AdMore Light Bar Pro unique?

  • Aluminum housing incorporating 81 unified, high intensity, bi-color (red/amber) Cree LEDs (plus 3 white LEDs) to provide tail light, brake light, progressive amber turn signals and white strobe when brakes are applied.
  • Sophisticated Bosch accelerometer sensor detects rapid deceleration of the motorcycle or scooter and automatically activates the Light Bar brake light
  • Super bright brake light
  • Brake light modulation
  • Center column contains 3 super bright amber LEDs with unique flashing pattern (strobe) in brake light mode
  • Eye-catching progressive amber turn signals
  • Works with hazard (4-way flasher) lights
  • Integrated super-bright white license plate light to accommodate mounting above license plate
  • Firmware upgradeable, customer configurable
  • Universal, offset, black, powder-coated aluminum bracket included (optional straight bracket available)
  • Easy installation; all required hardware & premium connectors included
  • Optional smoke lens available
  • CANBUS compatible (all of our products are!)
  • Full one (1) year warranty
  • Approximate size: 8″(W) x 1.25″(H) x 0.75″(D)

Confused about which Light Bar to get? Click here for our handy Light Bar Comparison Chart.

What’s Included

  • AdMore Light Bar Pro
  • Universal, offset, aluminum mounting bracket
  • Premium wire tap connectors (5)
  • Hardware kit


  • All motorcycles/scooters with 12V electrical systems (including late model BMW, Ducati, Indian, KTM motorcycles)

Available Options

  • Clear or Smoked lens


Download the AdMore Connect App

AdMore Connect – App Store

AdMore Connect – Google Play 

Download the Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide (PDF)

AdMore Light Bar Pro – Installation Video

AdMore Connect App


AdMore Light Bar Pro – Installation Video

AdMore Connect App


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Q. Why do I want a light bar with Bluetooth?

A. All of our lighting products will make you much more visible to other drivers.  The AdMore Light Bar Pro with Bluetooth onboard allows you to configure your light bar just how you want it. Here are some of the options that you can control from your smartphone using the free AdMore Connect app (iOS & Android):

  • Brake light modulation (number of flashes and flash rate)
  • Tail light brightness
  • Brake light brightness
  • Center-column strobe (on/off)
  • License plate LED (on/off)
  • Accelerometer sensitivity
  • Turn signal type (standard or sequential)
  • Hazard light mode
  • Procession mode

Q. What is the difference between the offset and straight bracket?

A. Both brackets are designed to easily install the light bar in the location of your choice.  The offset bracket that comes with the Pro has been specifically designed for license plate installations. The offset bracket is designed to be mounted behind your license plate for a discrete, OEM-looking installation. The offset bracket is hidden behind your plate and also ensures that your light bar does not block any part of your license plate. The optional straight bracket is generally more suitable for non-license plate installations (e.g. flush mounted to a top box).

Q. Will the Light Bar fit on my bike?

A. Does your bike have a license plate? If “Yes” then it will fit!

Q. I have a late model motorcycle with a sophisticated ECU/CanBus system.  Is the Light Bar Pro compatible?

A. Yes! We have designed the Light Bar Pro to be compatible with motorcycles that have a traditional 12V electrical system and also late model motorcycles with advanced CanBus electrical systems including (but not limited to) BMW, Ducati, Indian Motorcycle, KTM, and Moto Guzzi.

Q. Do I need anything else (e.g. resistors, diodes, CanBus decoder, etc.) to install the Pro on my bike?

A. No! The Pro comes with everything you need to install the Light Bar on your bike. No adapters, decoders, resistors or diodes are required!

Q. I ride an Indian Motorcycle with inverted turn signals. Will the Pro work on my bike?

A. Yes! The Pro is smart enough to detect inverted turn signal situations and will auto-adjust so that the turn signals on your Pro will work properly.

Q. What is the license plate LED for?

A. The license plate LED installed in the bottom of the Pro housing  is designed to illuminate your license plate in those situations where mounting the Pro above your plate may partially or entirely block your OEM plate light. The Pro plate light can be turned on or off (default) using the AdMore Connect App.

Q. My bike doesn’t have Hazard Light functionality. Is there any way to put the Pro in Hazard mode?

A. Yes! Using the free AdMore Connect App (iOs & Android) you can access the App Dashboard and activate the Hazard lights on your Pro (of course if your bike already has Hazard light functionality then there is no need to access the App Dashboard for this as the Pro will automatically flash in Hazard light mode when you activate the Hazard lights on your bike).

Q. How difficult is it to install the Pro?

A. It’s easy! The Pro comes with detailed instructions and everything you need for a successful, professional installation.  The physical installation of the Pro is easy with the included offset bracket and hardware. Tapping the 5 wires (Power, Ground, Brake, Left & Right Turn Signals) on your bike is also easy with the included premium wire tap connectors. Don’t know which wires to tap? Just reach out to us and we can help!

Q. Clear or Smoked lens? How do I decide?

A. It’s purely personal preference.  Some people like vanilla ice cream and some like chocolate.  Is one better than the other? Depends on who you ask. This may not be a perfect analogy since there is a slight difference in light output between the two units. Both are very bright but the smoked lens does cut down the light output by 10%-15%. If you have a black or dark-color bike, the smoked lens looks pretty cool!

Q. What is Procession Mode?

A. Procession Mode (released 07/21) allows you to put the Pro into a mode where the amber LEDs flash in a wig-wag mode (like you might see on a tow truck or maintenance vehicle) to get the attention of drivers coming up behind you. This mode is particularly useful when riding in a group.  Procession Mode will be over-ridden every time you apply your brakes or a turn signal. The Pro will return to Procession Mode until you turn it off in the App or turn your bike off. Cool!

Q. How much is shipping for the Pro?

A. Just add the Pro to your Cart, enter your address on the Cart page and you will be shown shipping options and costs.

Q. Will my HEX ezCAN / Denali Smartcontroller work with the AdMore Pro?

A. Yes! You can use the HEX ezCAN to connect to any of our light kits. As the HEX ezCAN does not support turn signal functionality, if you want turn signals on your Pro, you will need to tap the left and right turn signal wires on your bike. All of our light kits include premium wire tap connectors that make it easy to tap your wires without damaging them.

For further information on using your HEX ezCAN / Denali Smartcontroller, please consult the user manual that came with your unit.

Q. Do I need to have a HEX ezCAN / Denali Smartcontroller / Can Opener to install the Pro on my late model BMW? 

A. No! The AdMore Pro has been designed to work on all motorcycles including current motorcycles with sophisticated ECUs and CanBus systems.  The Pro comes with five (5) premium wire tap connectors that allow you to easily and safely connect the Pro to your bike by simply creating a pin prick on each wire.  The integrity of your wiring remains intact and the connection remains solid for many years.

Q. Do I need to cut any wires on my bike to install the Pro?  

A. No! No! No! See answer above.

72 reviews for AdMore Light Bar Pro (8″)

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  1. Waqar Azim (verified owner)

    I bought the pro bar to install on my Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro in UK. First problem: the App does NOT work on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. I had to borrow someone else’s phone to configure the bar. Second Problem: I connected the bar as instructed, but there wasn’t enough power for the bar in the ignition circuit. I had to find an alternative switched circuit on the bike for it to run properly. This, fix I found on YT by accident and is not mentioned anywhere in the instructions. Problem 3: No room on Tiger to fix above the plate so had to be below the plate. The sizing of the plates in mush bigger in UK (and Europe). So the supplied brackets are just too small. I had to file chunks of plate to fit the bracket and drill additional holes in the plate. Not happy about that. Buyers beware.
    Now that its in and working I am happy with it – it can be very bright and indicators are good. The engine braking strobe in TINY – needs to be much BIGGER and BRIGHTER- it is a key requirements for bikes.
    On the whole I am glad I bought it but it was a tough to install and I had to do a lot of frigging. Please make more flexible sized brackets for under-plate fixing for someone outside Canada. Thanks.

    • David (store manager)

      Hello Waqar, we’re sorry that you had some challenges with your new light bar. Had you reached to AdMore support we would have been happy to help you. We had a problem with the App for Android for a couple of weeks which has now been fixed. Please try again with your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. It should work no problem. Regarding the bracket size, the bracket is specifically designed to fit license plates in Canada and the U.S. While we have had many customers buy the light bar in the U.K. and the E.U. it does require some modification to fit your larger license plates. Finally, please note that the entire light bar illuminates under engine braking (not just the single column of flashing LEDs). We’re glad that you’re happy with the final result. In the future, please reach out to us with any questions or concerns so we can help out. Enjoy your light bar!

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