Motorcycle Adapter Selection Tool

Please make a selection following the prompts. Once an image or link appears with the product you’re looking for, click on the image or link to find that product.

“Power Harness” – Wiring with micro-controller that connects to your motorcycle and runs to your hardcase. Female ends on quick-disconnect

“Case Harness” – Wiring that runs inside your hardcase to the LED arrays. Male ends on the quick-disconnect

“Dip Switches” – Check the Controller board heat-shrinked in your Power Harness. If the board has 4 visible micro dip switches, then select “Y”, otherwise select “N” (Note: Controller boards with dip switches measure 2” x .5” [55mm x 13mm], boards without dip switches measure 2.5” x 1” [70mm x 25mm])

“Connection Type” = Check the connector mounted inside your case. If the connector is Rectangular, then select “R1”. If it is Round, then select “R2”