Our low-profile, universal bi-color (Red/Amber) light kit can be mounted under just about any lens with a relatively flat surface. Each LED light array comes with high strength 3M tape for a quick and permanent installation.

This kit has an added safety feature: it is programmed to quickly modulate (flash) your kit brake lights three to four times when you apply your brakes to alert the driver behind that you are braking.

Each of the two LED light arrays that come with this kit have a total of 6 high-powered, bi-color SMT LEDs.  Total array length is 4″ (10cm).  The arrays have a nominal height so that they can be mounted under just about any lens.

This kit gives you everything you need to equip just about any top case or side cases (2) with lenses and will give you brake, tail light and AMBER turn signal functions. With this kit you receive: two (2) LED light arrays each with 6 high-powered, bi-color SMT LEDs, one (1) mini controller (with turn signal functionality) embedded in the power harness, premium wire tap connectors, and weatherproof quick-disconnect connectors and wiring instructions.

Please Note: The LEDs included with this kit are designed to be installed under a case lens (i.e. they must not be directly exposed to outside elements).