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Unmatched quality and performance, these bulbs are as bright as they come and barely draw any power off your battery, less than 1amp. We’ve tested and powered this bulb off a 9volt battery. Unlike cheap wedge LED bulbs that don’t offer any real brightness over your stock bulbs, these bulbs differ because they not only are TWICE as bright, they barely use any power from your battery. These bulbs are direct replacement Plug N Play and are simple to install. Upgrade today so you can be safe and be seen!

Our PATHFINDERLED® BRIGHT LED BULBS will replace the stock bulbs to LEDs on your GL1800. This set covers the Running/Brakes/Trunks/Saddle and Turn Signals.

Don’t spend hundreds to replace your factory housing when you can just replace the bulbs! LED bulbs are much more efficient and will reduce the load on your bike’s charging system.

These are High Quality “Instant Intensity” LED bulbs unlike cheap ones found elsewhere on the internet. LED bulbs are much more efficient and will reduce the load on your bike’s charging system. If you’ve tried other LED bulbs before and were disappointed, we guarantee you will be very happy with these. The reviews speak for themselves!


  • Extreme Bright Red
  • Instant intensity led

NOTE: There is no LED flasher required when changing just your running/brake lights (7443R).

DO NOT FALL VICTIM TO SUB PAR PRODUCTS. They cannot match the brightness/intensity of our bulbs and may burn your factory sockets.

To COMPLETELY convert your GL1800 Rear to LEDs, you would need a total of 6pcs in 7443R (RED) and 2pcs in 7443A (AMBER). To order the complete rear package and save $10, click the link below:
G18RPK: Complete Rear LED conversion Package

NOTE: Some items in this video may look different from the actual parts you receive. The product(s) you receive may either be an upgraded, improved or simply a re-designed model compared to what was used in the video.