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Rear Led Conversion Kit w/Ultra-Flash Brake Lights for the Honda Gold Wing GL1800
FITMENT: 2001-2017 HONDA GL1800

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA 2010), 90% of rear-end accidents caused by delay in driver recognition could be prevented if the driver becomes aware of the situation just one second earlier.

Ultra Flash Instant-Intensity LED bulbs are designed to increase your visibility when braking and may alert the vehicle behind you to react sooner. Our bulbs are designed to not annoy drivers behind you because they flash 4 times then turns solid. Installation is plug n play, no modulators or complicated wiring required.

Designed to increase visibility! PATHFINDERLED bulbs are known to be one of the brightest with “instant intensity” and now have a programmed flashing feature. Not to be confused with other lights on the market that flash sporadically, have illegal number of flashes, or resemble emergency vehicles. This new pulsating feature is programmed into the bulb. When braking, the bulbs will emit a series of 4 quick flashes, then stays solid until the next time your brakes are applied. This critical feature may help alert motorists/distracted drivers behind you, giving them extra valuable seconds to brake sooner, and possibly avoid rear end collisions.

No complicated hardware to wire. Just simply replace your brake light bulbs and you’re done. Increase your visibility to other drivers/riders, lower the electric load on your alternator and battery, and increase the life span of your lights.This package includes everything you need to convert your rear lights to LEDs. This package was designed for the 2001-2017 GL1800 models only.PACKAGE CONTENTS:

Qty: 6 RED Running/Brake/Saddle lights that replaces the rear of your GL1800 with Ultra Flash LED bulbs.
Qty: 2 AMBER Turn signal bulbs – Non Flash type LED bulbs.
Qty: 1 WHITE Ultra bright License Plate LED bulb – LP9T10
Qty: 1 LED Flasher – GL88T1 to normalize blink rate due to LED load conversion.

PathfinderLED bulbs provide optimal lighting with its ultra brightness, rugged design, and proper fitment in stock housings.
These new (RP TYPE ULTRA FLASH) bulbs carry a 5 year replacement warranty.

Customer installed photo:

Are flashing brake light(s) technically “legal”?

Most (if not all) State motorcycle handbooks recommend that you pump your brakes to flash your brakes to increase rear end visibility while coming to a stop. Our bulbs automates this recommendation for you while you’re stopping. They automatically facilitate compliance with these State handbooks, and enhance safety and rear end visibility.

As always,check your local state laws as the use of Blinking Brake Lights may vary from one state to another. California having one of the strictest vehicle state codes, our lights are in full compliance: The code states blinking brake lights can flash 4 times within 4 seconds.