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Exciting Product Update (03/12/18): The AdMore Light Bar with SMART Brake technology is now available in Chrome! Same great features with an all new look. Available with a clear or smoked lens!









Your AdMore Light Bar with Smart Brake technology can also now be programmed using your Android phone! All you need is the micro USB cable that comes with the Light Bar and a special programming cable available here. Simply download the free AdMore App from the Google Play Store. Programming your AdMore Light Bar couldn’t be easier!

LED High-Powered Light Bar with modulating brake light, progressive, amber turn signals and new Smart Brake technology.

We’ve taken our popular light bar and made it even better! The new AdMore Light Bar with Smart Brake technology incorporates a sophisticated accelerometer sensor to detect rapid deceleration (from throttle release or downshifting) and will activate the Light Bar brake light automatically.

Enhance your safety and reduce the risk of a rear-end collision by having your AdMore Light Bar illuminate even before you apply your brakes!

The AdMore Light Bar comes pre-configured with the most popular options and settings and is ready to go out of the box.  Customizing many of the functions and settings can be easily accomplished by connecting the Light Bar to any computer* using the included Micro-USB cable.  The AdMore Configurator Software Suite (available for download at www.admorelighting.com) allows you to custom configure your AdMore Light Bar to have the features and settings that you want!


What makes this AdMore Light Bar unique?

  • Aluminum housing incorporating 81 unified, high intensity, bi-color (red/amber) Cree LEDs (plus 3 white LEDs) to provide tail light, brake light, progressive amber turn signals and white strobe when brakes are applied.
  • Sophisticated accelerometer sensor detects rapid deceleration of the motorcycle or scooter and automatically activates the Light Bar brake light (can be set to “Off” or sensitivity level customer selectable)
  • Super bright brake light (brightness level customer selectable)
  • Brake light modulation (can be set to “Off” or number of flashes customer selectable)
  • Center column contains 3 super bright white LEDs with unique flashing pattern (strobe) in brake light mode (can be set to “On” or “Off”)
  • Eye-catching progressive amber turn signals
  • Works with hazard (4-way flasher) lights
  • Integrated super-bright white license plate light (can be set to “On” or “Off”) to accommodate mounting above license plate
  • Firmware upgradeable, customer configurable
  • Functionality configurable by customer includes: Brightness level, deceleration sensitivity, brake light modulation, white strobe light, license plate light and more!
  • Micro-USB port (cable included) provides connectivity for firmware upgrades and to access AdMore Configurator Software Suite (Windows 7,8 & 10 compatible or Command Line
    [Linux or MAC OS] compatible) for user definable options
  • Universal, black, powder-coated aluminum bracket included
  • Easy installation; all required hardware & premium connectors included
  • Optional smoke lens available
  • CANBUS compatible (all of our products are!)
  • Full one (1) year warranty
  • Approximate size: 8″ x 1.25″ x 1″

Confused about which Light Bar to get? Click here for our handy Light Bar Comparison Chart.

What’s Included

  • AdMore Premium Light Bar
  • Universal, aluminum mounting bracket
  • Micro USB cable
  • Premium wire tap connectors (5)
  • Hardware kit


  • All motorcycles/scooters with 12V electrical systems (including late model BMW, Ducati, KTM motorcycles)
  • Indian motorcycles require special firmware upgrade (your light bar will automatically ship with this special firmware when you select your Indian Motorcycle details above)

Available Options

  • Clear or Smoked lens
  • Black or Chrome housing

** Attention Indian motorcycle customers, check out this great customer installation and review of the AdMore Light Bar: AdMore Light Bar on Indian Motorcycle

** Attention BMW motorcycle customers, check out the BMW install videos below.



AdMore Light Bar w/Smart Brake install on Honda Grom

We just completed this video showing our latest AdMore Light Bar with Smart Brake on a 2015 Honda Grom. Would your safety improve from having super bright light bar on your motorcycle?

Posted by AdMore Lighting Inc. on Friday, February 3, 2017

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Documentation / Software Download

AdMore Light Bar (Premium) Installation Instructions

AdMore Light Bar (Premium) Supplementary Instructions

Disabling Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows

AdMore Light Bar (Premium) Mac Instructions 2018-11

Video: Installing the AdMore Configurator Software Suite

2018 (November) Release: Configurator 3.2 and Firmware 2.0.3 – Download here:

AdMore Configurator Software Suite 3.2

AdMore Firmware v.2.0.3 (All Motorcycles except Indian Motorcycles)

  • Added increased number of accelerometer sensitivity levels
  • Option to have white strobe on during braking and deceleration
  • New Tipover feature (a nice safety feature but not one that you ever want to see in operation!!)

2018 Release: Configurator 3.0 & Firmware 1.3.4 – Download here:

AdMore Configurator Software Suite 3.0

AdMore Firmware v.1.3.4 (All Motorcycles except Indian Motorcycles)

2017 Release: Configurator 2.1 & Firmware 1.3 – Download here:

AdMore Configurator Software Suite 2.1 (All Motorcycles except Indian Motorcycles)

AdMore Configurator Software Suite 2.1 – Upgrade Instructions

AdMore Configurator Software Suite 1.0 (All Motorcycles except Indian Motorcycles)

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Spyder Life Magazine – March 2018

BMW Motorcycle News – March 2018

Motorcycle Consumer News – January 2018

Motorcycle Mojo Magazine – July 2017

BMW Owners News – February 2017

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  1. stan (verified owner)

    Prompt delivery, easy to install and an excellent safety product.

  2. Forrest (verified owner)

    Tied in nicely to 2017 Bonneville T100 Black. Greatly improves rear conspicuity.

  3. Mario M. (verified owner)

    I now feel that I have an added layer of protection with my Admore lighting system.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Mario M.
    Image #2 from Mario M.
  4. Wally L. (verified owner)

    I purchased the Admore 8″ light with Smart Brake Technology and clear lens for my 2011 BMW R1200RT.
    The installation was pretty easy, as I picked up the power from the rear powerlet outlet so the Canbus wouldn’t have a problem.
    The light stays on about 30-60 seconds after the bike is off, but that’s a quirk of the outlet on the RT. Not a bad thing.
    The light bracket fit perfectly under my lower license plate bracket.
    David was a big help, supplying a color-coded wiring chart and advice on where
    to pick up the + 12V.
    I loaded the Configurator software into a Win 10 laptop and it was easy to use
    and I was able tweak the light a bit.
    The Admore light isn’t cheap, but if one person who might not have seen me, does see me, it’s worth it.
    Great light, very bright and am very pleased.
    Thanks to Admore.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Wally L.
    Image #2 from Wally L.
    Image #3 from Wally L.
    Image #4 from Wally L.
    Image #5 from Wally L.
  5. Ronald C. (verified owner)

    Shipped quickly and the product was as advertised. Thank you!

  6. Charles Gentry (verified owner)

  7. Scott G. (verified owner)

    David was awesome to deal with when it came to wiring the unit up. The unit was not affected by the canbus system on the BMW. I really like the strobe feature of the brake light and the light is extremely bright.
    I’m glad I saw him at the Vancouver motorcycle show

  8. JR (verified owner)

    I’ve had my light bar on my Indian Roadmaster for two years now and it has worked flawlessly. I mounted it just below the trunk. I also bought the harness adapter which is not needed if you mount the bar on your license plate. Yesterday I downloaded and installed firmware that was not specific to the Indian. It did not work. I called support and explained what I had done and within a half hour I had the latest firmware for the Indian. They also, within hours, updated their website in order to avoid any future confusion. It now reads “(All Motorcycles except Indian Motorcycles)” for all firmware updates. This is a superior product and the support is excellent.

  9. Vipul Patel (verified owner)

    Have fitted but it turn amber light have email you for the same but no reply

    • Tom

      Vipul, we’re sorry to hear about the problems you are having with your Light Bar. We have replied to you (6 days ago). We will try once again however please check your spam folders as our replay is also likely to be blocked.

  10. Jerry Jones (verified owner)

    Dave is one hell of a guy

  11. Dave (verified owner)

  12. Brian G. (verified owner)

    I have added 2 extra brake lights on my spyder. One just above the lic. Plate and one on the trunk. I feel confident that people really see me, as soon as I slow down and brake they give me more room. Great lights everyone should add an AdMore brake light to their bikes.

  13. Philip (verified owner)

    I installing it next month and will provide further feedback then. looks good so far. Thanks Phil

  14. Greg (verified owner)

    This light bar is just what I was looking for. The installation was a breeze utilizing the Plug & Play wiring adapter for my Indian Roadmaster. I also purchased the extra connector to ease seat removal, also a snap to assemble. Programming of the unit was simplistic with a load of options to fit my needs. I mounted the unit just below the trunk. The light bar appears as if it was designed to be there. My days of tapping the brakes are now behind me. I would highly recommend this light bar, a perfect addition.

  15. Daniel Cerminaro (verified owner)

    Installation was easy and the light works great. Gives you a bit more confidence that the vehicle behind you will notice you. Great product I was recommended by a friend and will recommend this to others. 👍

  16. Michael (verified owner)

  17. George (verified owner)

    Extremely bright and adjustable

  18. stratford.george (verified owner)

    I have a Suzuki 2014 V Strom 1000 ABS, I have installed the Admore Light Bar with Smart Brake Technology! I also bought the Plug and Play harness with the light bar to fit my V Strom 1000, it was a simple plugin. I love the extra brake light signal light combination, I feel that this is an important add to making my ride safer in traffic. I would recommend this to motorcyclist that ride all types of motorcycles.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from stratford.george
  19. Colin I. (verified owner)

    Makes me feel safer. Quality is great. Installation was very straightforward and only took minutes. I do know I’m more visible now. I recommend it!

  20. David Panopoulos (verified owner)

    My wife was behind me and said she thought this is the best safety investment I could have ever made! My installer said top quality and excellent engineering. Thank you

  21. Joann H. (verified owner)

    Just had my dealer do the install. He said they had done several of these since the MOA rally. Install was straight forward for him. Both my husband and I now have this device.

    We’ve only had one ride so far and we are pleased and impressed. Following my husband, I, at first, thought he might be riding his brake, but quickly realized it was the (de)accelerometer that was lighting up with engine braking. No problem, and will be good when followed by others.

    The construction of the device looks and feels solid. They were shipped promptly from the manufacturer. So far, we’re glad to have this light bar. It sits very gracefully along the base of our license frames. Bright and visible! Thanks!

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

  23. Thomas Noort (verified owner)

    Excellent, very effective product. Customer service was outstanding – and the minor isdues they responded too were entirely of my own making! Thanks Dave!

  24. James (verified owner)

    Worked perfectly with default settings right out of the box. Very pleased with this safety upgrade.

  25. Donald Carbaugh (verified owner)

    This light is FANTASTIC!!! If you have an Indian this is the way to go. In stop and go traffic, in the daytime, the cars back off. I put this on my 2016 Indian Roadmaster and its the best light out there. With the Plug and Play Adapter the installation was easy. Thanks for making the adapter.

  26. Ivo M. (verified owner)

    The best extra light for a motorbike, Cheers from Holland

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Ivo M.
  27. Oliver Osborn (verified owner)

    It is important to understand that this light is controlled by a central processor, and it must have a continuous connection to voltage on the processor lead in order for any of the functions to work. You cannot use it if you do not have voltage going into the “rear tail light” lead, which is also the central processor. Older bikes that do not turn on the lights continuously are problematic.

  28. Brent P. (verified owner)

    Very good product. Works as advertised. Easy to change programming. Lots of positive feedback from other riders.

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