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This plug-n-play adapter lets you connect your AdMore light kit (or any other lighting accessory with less than a 2A current draw) without having to tap the stock wiring on your 2016 (or newer) Yamaha FJR.

Functionality provided:

  • Tail light
  • Brake light
  • Turn signals (and hazard lights)

Note: Only one plug-n-play adapter is required to support up to three (3) AdMore Light kits.

19 reviews for PLUG-N-PLAY ADAPTER FOR YAMAHA FJR (2016+)

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  1. Doug Stewart (verified owner)

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. Ray Renaud (verified owner)

  4. Rick (verified owner)

  5. Steve R. (verified owner)

    Extremely easy way to connect additional lighting, simply plugs into factory harness. Output wires can also be used to trigger relays if needed for auxiliary lighting.

  6. RONALD CHATHAM (verified owner)

  7. Lyle (verified owner)

    The fjr1300 Adapter made installation clean and simple. Also gave me the ability to cleanly connect an additional “switched power” connection for a fuse panel

  8. Michael Brooks (verified owner)

    It works great. I added a Denali led light strip below the license plate and put a flasher module inline. I have the strip dim with running lights and then four flashes to bright when braking

  9. Timothy T. (verified owner)

    Simplifies light installation… a must-have accessory for the light package.

  10. Vincent Barlow (verified owner)

    This is exactly what you need for a splice free connection. It simplifies the whole wiring connection process.

  11. Trevor (verified owner)

    excellent piece of kit

  12. roger k. (verified owner)

    Was moving the AdMore light bar from my 2007 FJR to my newer 2014 FJR and called to ensure the wiring was the same between the model years. Dave answered my questions and suggested the adapter so I jumped on it. It was mush easier the second time installing with the use of the adapter. Just like it says you just remove the side cover plug it in and off you go. So far nothing but top quality products from AdMore.

  13. Bruce Martin (verified owner)

    Fast service, made installing the light bar easier, and didn’t have to cut into the bike wire harness.

  14. Lee (verified owner)

    Great product. Flawless customer support.

  15. Clarence Romero jr (verified owner)

    Outstanding the item worked as advertised

  16. William Unternaehrer (verified owner)

    Worked and installed as advertised. Really nice!

  17. Davie Smith (verified owner)

    Item as described. Fitted perfectly and lights now working again. Fast delivery and well packaged. I would have no hesitation using the company again and recommend them to anyone.

  18. gary k. (verified owner)

    clean and simple. works just as it should!

  19. Al (store manager)

    I just wanted to feedback on your A-FJR-2 plug kit. Very nicely done. Great to have for any FJR owner. I am going to use it for wireless Brake and signal helmet light.

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