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The 2024 AdMore Lighting - Motorcycle School Program

As a motorcycle school instructor, you want your students to learn how to ride a motorcycle safely. Giving students the skills and the knowledge they need to ride safely is important but there are many other things that contribute to rider safety. Lack of visibility of motorcycles is one of the biggest issues that riders face on the road. 

Passive visibility solutions like bright-colored clothing and helmets, and reflective material enhance biker visibility. Active visibility solutions like enhanced lighting can make a rider considerably safer on the road.

The AdMore Light Bar Pro with Smart Brake TechnologyTM  from AdMore Lighting is a revolutionary product that can dramatically reduce rear-end collisions – the fastest growing type of collision thanks to the increasing number of driver distractions. The AdMore Light Bar can be easily added to any motorcycle or scooter and complements the bike’s original lighting equipment lighting. Check out more technology-packed features of the AdMore Light Bar Pro.

50% OFF

As a motorcycle school instructor, you are eligible to receive up to two (2) AdMore Light Bars
(Retail value of C$289) at 50% off!


We have implemented a special program for motorcycle instructors and their students. Here’s how it works:

    1. Confirm your school’s interest in participating in the Motorcycle School Program by filling in the form below.
    2. Advise the approximate number of students that attend your school per season/annually
    3. Attach a scanned copy of your valid Instructor certificate
    4. Purchase up to two (2) AdMore Light Bars for instructor’s use (we will provide you with a unique coupon code to receive an immediate discount of 50% on your purchase) We will ship you your AdMore Light Bar along with materials to be included in student packages.
    5. Students will be given a discount code to use when ordering from the AdMore Lighting website.
    6. For every 10 student orders, we will also provide a C$125 credit to the instructor towards additional purchases on the AdMore Lighting website.
    7. Display AdMore Logo on school’s website??

What are you waiting for?

Get your free AdMore Light Bar today and help make you and your students safer on the road!

Rear-end collisions are increasing. Unfortunately, this trend is only rising as more and more devices like smart phones and mp3 players continue to distract drivers. The NHTSA reports that drivers are 4 times more likely to have a serious accident when using a hand-held device while operating a vehicle.
Rear-End Collisions: The Most Common Type of Auto Accident in the U.S. According to figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), out of the 6 million car accidents that happen on U.S. roads every year, over 30% of them (1.8 million) are rear-end collisions.
Although most rear-end collisions involve impacts that occur at less than 10 mph, they can still cause long-term injuries to the spine, neck, face, brain, and knees. It’s no wonder why rear-end collisions are also referred to as “whiplash accidents.”
There are about 1.7 million rear-end collisions on U.S. roadways each year. About 1,7000 people die in those collisions and another 500,000 are hurt.
The Washington Post
June 8, 2015
As a former police motor officer, and a current motorcycle safety instructor, I know that anything a rider can do to make them self more visible in traffic will lessen the likelihood that they will be involved in a collision with another motorist.

The safety lighting systems AdMore Lighting offers provide effective solutions to make motorcycles more visible in traffic. Their control system incorporating brake and signal light functions make the added lights far more effective than just running lights alone. Getting the brake light up into the line of sight of a driver following behind could be a life saver!

Installation of the kit on my bike was very straightforward, and everything needed was supplied including the drill bit to install the electrical connector! AdMore Lighting’s customer service is second to none. My questions regarding the application on my motorcycle were answered promptly, and my kit arrived within days of my order.

Being seen is essential to being safe on a motorcycle. AdMore Lighting systems are attention-grabbing. Because they integrate so well on the bike, AdMore Lighting products will make your bike look just that much better as well!
Canada Safety Council Motorcycle Programs (Edmonton, AB)