The AdMore Light Bar is unique.  You will be hard-pressed to find anything else like it in terms of its durability and functionality.  You can find more details on the AdMore Light Bar here.

All of our light kits come with premium wire tap connectors to make connecting your AdMore light kit to your bike easy without damaging the OEM wires. For information on how to locate the required wires on your bike click here.

On the Hex EzCan, the yellow wire, has only 2.8v constant without brakes applied and 12v only when the brakes are applied. The accessory stub connector, with the white wire provides switched power at 12v constant. You will need to us (2) ezCan stub connectors to make the AdMore LightBar function properly. The yellow ezCan wire for the brake light connects to the blue brake light AdMore wire, the white ezCan wire for accessories connects to the red 12v power AdMore wire

The bi-color LEDs that we use for the E55 kit are red and yellow.  Your AdMore light kit installed in the E55NT case will operate exactly the same as in the standard E55 case.
The LEDs that we use for the V46 kit are red.  We have had many other customers install our kit in the Tech case with no issues.

Just as an FYI, we are aware of one customer who took a black felt marker and ran it over the flexible pcb (which is white) so that it didn’t show through the clear lens.  Not critical to do this but if you’re really concerned with appearance, it’s an easy thing to do. Otherwise, the LEDs are definitely RED and the kit will look great in your V46 Tech case!

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When you consider what goes into each and every one of our kits, they are actually very reasonably priced.  Each of our kits contains fully tested, high-powered LEDs that are manufactured to fit perfectly behind the red lens of specified GIVI cases.  The wiring harness that comes with our kits is custom designed to quickly and easily fit each case.  The connectors are heavy-duty, weatherproof and simply require a 1/4 turn to release or lock so that your case can be easily and quickly removed from your bike.  Our kits include a complete connector kit to allow you to easily tap into your bike’s electrical system.  The imbedded mini-controller in the harness incorporates sophisticated technology and programming to allow 3 functions; brake, tail and turn signal – from a single strip of LEDs.  The instructions included with each of our kits are easy to follow and include color pictures.  Finally, our after-sales support and comprehensive 1-year warranty can’t be beat!

Perhaps most importantly, think about how much money you’ve spent on your bike to date.  Compared to this total cost, purchasing one of our light kits is relatively inexpensive and it may be one of the most important purchases you can make to significantly increase your safety on the road (of course, our light kits will also make your bike or scooter look cool too!).

YES!  We have sold many kits to owners of BMWs with the Canbus system with no problems at all.  The key is to locate a 12V source on your bike (switched with the ignition so that the lights will turn off when your bike is off).  One possibility is to use the 12V accessory plug on your bike.  There are also modules available for sale (e.g. Blue Sea Systems, Centech) that will allow you to tap into a wire with a lower voltage on your bike (e.g. your single wire to your tail/brake light only puts out about 3v when the tail light is on) and you can use this wire as a “trigger” to engage a relay that will deliver 12v to the light kit.
Yes, we offer LED light kits for each of these cases signified by the “TM” extension (“Top”-mount application and “Mini”-kit (TM). The “TM” kits include our high-powered LED light board and allow you to use the existing stock GIVI hands-free connector. With this kit, you will have both tail light and brake light functionality (turn signal functions are not available with the TM kits).
All of our kits are easy plug-and-play and have been designed so that you can easily remove and replace your cases on a regular (daily) basis (most of our customers do just that!). The connectors that we use are very durable, weatherproof connectors that take one (1) second to connect or disconnect.

Progressive (or “Sequential”) turn signals simply means that when the turn signal is activated it flashes but it also flows in the direction of the turn (kind of like the old Thunderbirds or the new Mustangs). On the Premium light bar this feature can be turned off but we really don’t know of anyone that has turned this feature off – people love it!