I bought my high output lightbar for a 2018 R1200 GSA. Physical installation was a breeze, but I had a hard time with the setup as most of the time I’m at a military installation with no wifi.

Once I was able to get to a hotspot I still had problems because of windows 10. David at AdMore’s support department spent a good hour with me on the phone and connected directly to my PC. The end result was a simple software update and everything works great. The product is every bit as good as they say and the support is top notch.

Dave H.

May 2019

First, great product, well done! I received the lights for the v46 top case (stock Suzuki/givi) and it does fit the stock case. The installation for this case and the V-35 cases went well. The lights are awesome!

Well, I’m heading out this morning for about 200 miles of QA for the GA Motorcycle Safety Program, lights on….

Tom K. (Byron, GA)

Here are some pictures of the new light kit I installed in my Givi V56NN Maxia top case. I love the way it works and looks. It will provide an added level of safety because of the flashing brake lights and the turn signal indication higher up in the field of view of the drivers behind me.

Ed G.
May, 2016


I have received and installed my two led kits for my V46 top case and my V35 side cases and have installed these. Thanks, the lights are great. Regarding the wire colors, those mentioned in the notes correctly corresponded to my bike.

You might want to consider informing future French buyers that they will have to pay the 19.5% French VAT.

That said I’m fully satisfied with the lights, thanks again,


Dony E.
May, 2016

Your support team was spot on in calling out the correct color and place to tap into the bike wires!!! Since I could not get very good pics,
I chose to send you a video of the lights in action. Hope this works.



Hope you enjoy the pictures. The motorcycle is a 2012 Suzuki DL650A V-Strom and the lighting kit is your LEDV56-T-TS. The tail light wire is Grey, brake light wire is White/Black tracer, right turn signal is Light Green, left turn signal is Black, and the ground is Black/White tracer.

Everything went together perfectly and we love how it looks. Thank you for a beautifully engineered product.

Charles M.
April, 2016

Shown are the two LightBars, large and small. The mounting was straight forward with the large bar mounting directly to the Happy Trails top box. A very impressive effect when all aglow. Feels good having all that brightness behind me:

Chris W.
April, 2016

They finally made it!

Thanks for all your help.

It looks like the envelope got caught in a conveyor belt somewhere along the way.

I have attached the picture that I took of the front of the package as it arrived just in case the parts had been damaged.

But as you can see in the second picture – they work great.

Thanks again for all your help and for making such great products.

In His Hands,

Cedric C.
March, 2016

Please find enclosed a link to the E55 kit I just installed on my 2007 V-Strom 650 ABS.

I didn’t pay attention to the wires, since I used the Strom harness kit (which I’m terribly glad for; just getting that thing in there without taking the panels off was a nightmare in itself! I love Posi-Taps, but in there, that probably would’ve broken me). Thanks for making a kit so much better than Givi bothered to!

Isaac W.

My motorcycle is a 2015 Kawasaki Versys 650 ABS, I have sent pictures of my install to both David and Nick. I purchased the Admore light bar from twisted throttle and am very pleased with what I would call an extremely well designed and a must for any motorcyclist .
Glen M.
May, 2016

First of all let me say what a superb service from yourselves and the Canadian 3 day delivery service, (it’s better than the UK’s 1st class), you have excelled yourselves, oh and the lights are fantastic, so many thanks to you and scooterwest.com and I will now look forward to my next project with the aid of yours and scooter west’s super products and instructions
Kind Regards

Andrew P.
May 2016

Three pictures. Put on a 2012 Vespa 300 SuperSport. Great installation instuctions, although there were none on the Admore loom to vespa loom.That I got from modernvespa.com. All went very smoothly and, although expensive, I can see where the money is spent.Very happy.I added a few blobs of silicone to the wiring to make it a bit more secure in the top box.
Only ‘issue’ is the LEDS blink a little out of sync with the incandescent bulbs- no biggie though.
Awesome product.

Jonathan G.
April, 2016

Thank you very much! Everything works *perfectly* and I particularly like the brake light modulation, it complements the modulation I already have installed on the stock brake light very well!

Extremely happy & will be recommending to others!

Erich P. (Gainsville, VA)
March 2013

I just installed your lighting kit for my Givi Top Case. I would like to compliment you on the quality and ease of installation. The lights work as advertised and I would gladly purchase from you in the future.

Allan M.
March 2013

First, great product, well done! I received the lights for the v46 top case (stock Suzuki/givi) and it does fit the stock case. The installation for this case and the V-35 cases went well. The lights are awesome!

Well, I’m heading out this morning for about 200 miles of QA for the GA Motorcycle Safety Program, lights on….

Thank you and Best,
Tom K.
Field Supervisor / Coach Trainer
Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program

Tom K. (Byron, GA)
March 2013

Hi Admore, here are some photos of my 2011 Kawasaki Versy with the V46 topbox and your light system. Works great and I think just maybe the idiot drivers who can’t see may be able to see me now (if they’re not busy texting or other). Thank you, Keith B.

Keith B. (Newark, DE)
March 2013

I have just installed the light kit for my V46 top box and it turned out well! It makes a nice addition to the light bar I got from you guys last spring.

Thanks for another great product!


Jim M. (Calgary, AB)
March 2013

I installed your 8 inch light bar this weekend on my 2012 Suzuki DL650A. The product looks awesome and works great. I feel safer all ready!

Thank you and regards, Greg

Greg P. (Lake Mary, FL)
March 2013

thanks for making such a nice product….I do feel much safer frankly and that’s all good… Cheers, Robert

Robert W. (San Francisco, CA)
January 2013

Finally installed my new amber LED array on my motorcycle. Works great thanks!

Jack N. (Lethbridge, AB)
January 2013

I love the light kit! It gives me piece of mind when cars come up from behind that I am more visible.  Thanks again for the great product!  I used to work on a ambulance for a fire department and I have been to many car VS. motorcycle accidents.  I almost swore off two wheel transportation forever!  Your product goes a long way in making me feel comfortable to ride a motorcycle again after seeing all the carnage. I feel now like I am being seen!

Thanks Again!


Chuck D. (Hartford, CT)
November 2012

I’m very happy with your light kit and have shown many of my riding friends the quality of your product.  I hope it generates some additional business for you.  Your customer service is outstanding and I will continue to recommend your lighting kits to everyone I know.

Thanks again for being such a stand up company.

Jeff B. (Canonsburg, PA)
November 2012

Thanks for the follow up. Love the product but hope that you add an insert in your instructions for BMWs.  The first problem was as you suggested, it has to go to a non-tailight. That’s the part I suggest you add to BMW customers.   The second problem, which took some time to figure out was that a connector was bad. Once that was figured out, and I could identify a proper switched wire, it all worked out really well.

Rob R. (Lancaster, NY)

i got the lights working properly this afternoon. during the day they’re nice but at night they’re amazing! very happy customer here. i found a copy of the shop manual for the zuma online which had an electrical schematic.

Terry B. (Fort Smith, AK)
September 2012

Thanks, I did a 12 day 3200 mile ride to Orange County, CA and back in June and believe me when I tell you that your lights make me feel much safer on the road having a backside ‘footprint’!

Gar C. (Cobble Hill, BC)
September 2012

Just a quick note to say that the installation of the FJR wiring and lighting kit for the Givi E52 top case on my 2012 Yamaha FJR 1300 was very simple and it works great! I like that you have OEM connectors for the FJR and I don’t have to splice into the factory wiring. The small problem I did have was very quickly resolved. Thanks for sending the replacement part.

Excellent product, Excellent customer service!

Martin D. (Waterloo, ON)
August 2012

Just finished installing your lite kit in my GIVI V46, mounted on an ’06 Burgman 650. All went pretty much as the instructions intended. I moved the exit point on the box to accommodate getting the cable to make it easier to get to my light hook-up point. My only problem was finding a wiring diagram for the Burgie that actually said what colored wire did what. I finally solved the problem with a voltmeter. My wife has always been concerned about visibility at night. Last night she followed me to dinner and is now certain I can be seen…BIG TIME!! Thanks, ADmore for a superior product and I’m really impressed with the posi-tap connectors too.

Gary L. (Fishers, IN)
August 2012

Thank you for your quick response. I looked at my wiring again and found that the positap connecting the blue and red wires to the taillight had not penetrated the wire. It works now and all is good. Thank You. Craig

Craig N. (Plymouth, MN)
August 2012

I’m very happy with the result and anything that makes me more visible to the mostly partially -sighted drivers down here is worth every penny.
Now if you just made a light bar for helmets… 😉
I’ll send some photos later.
Regards, Steve S.

Steve S. (Houston, TX)
August 2012

Thank you for this great product. Easy to install and it works great!!

Thank You, Steve

Steven B. (California)
July 2012

By manipulating the installation, I accidentally unplugged my Admore lights. So I chose another wire that I tested before using. I realized that I had committed an error in the first installation and it is not your system that is defective, but a wrong choice of wire by me.
Now, it works perfectly.

thank you for the reply and my apologies for the problem.

thank you very much for responding.

Dominique C. (Jonquiere, QC)
July 2012

Please disregard my earlier note. It turns out that one of the posi-taps didn’t quite connect. All is well and the lights look great. Thank you!

Paul H. (Bellingham, WA)
July 2012

Thank you very much! You have an amazing product and I thank you all for your responsiveness to my questions and concerns.

Rob C. (Sacramento, CA)
June 2012

Received my LED41-S-TS yesterday. Installed it today, using all solder and shrink-wrap. What a wonderful and well designed product! If anyone else should ask you – the LED Sound-off brake flasher does NOT interfere with the Admore kit, and it also functions properly. Happy Fathers day to me!!!

Glenn I. (Mobile, AL)
June 2012

So I just called you guys from Washington state at 6:30 at night my time on a Saturday. Low and behold  someone was there. And that someone was cool enough to answer to phone. Now I’m not sure who reads these emails, but Dave if it is you, someday I want to shake your hand. And if its not Dave would who ever is reading this please shake his hand for me?

The reason for all this gushing support is simple. He stopped what he was doing late at night to help me diagnose my problem. Talked me through it. And then was able to tell me exactly what I needed to get to fix it, by part number. To top all that he told me to send an email to this address saying that since I had just gotten the lights (just a little over a month) that you would be able to rebate me the shipping charge.  So I’m sending said email. But more so then the rebate, would somebody please give the man a High five?

Your very pleased customer, Russty S.

Russty S. (Poulsby, WA)
June 2012

Your replacement harness for my Yamaha FJR arrived this week. I swapped out the previous harness and everything works fine now. Thank you very much for your excellent support and please know that I will note this service in the FJR forum. Keep up the good customer service.

Eddie Z. (Everett, WA)
June 2012

Hi, i would like to leave some comments, if you would like to publish them in your testimonials it’s fine with me.

I am a year round commuter, and rely on my Givi E55 top box. I purchased the Admore lighting LED set specifically for this box, and it is fantastic. It was easy to install, and fit perfectly. The functionality of the unit is perfect and precise, the led lights are reassuring on those dark rainy nights, especially when you’ve got a distracted driver come up from behind. Admore supports their produce well also, if an issue arises, it is dealt with quickly and to the customer’s satisfaction (i know i was), emails are answered promptly. All in all the product and the company are top notch.. I’m a customer for life – Jamie, Vancouver B.C. (2004 Triumph Speed Triple)

Jamie R. (Vancouver, BC)
June 2012

thanks for your support and the superb product. I would not feel half as safe riding without this system, as my bags completely obscure my tail light and turn signals from almost every angle.

Jake K. (Portland, OR)
June 2012

Hi, I just wanted to thank you all for a great product. I ordered LED55-T-TS and just fitted it to my new honda vfr1200x crosstourer. It looks great! thank you mr happy mel

Mel L. (Birmingham, UK)
June 2012

I purchased a vespa top case light kit…w/amber turn signals… one-word review: AWESOME! I traded my Vespa for a Moto Guzzi Norge do you have a top case light kit for the moto guzzi top case?

George T. (Chester Springs, PA)
May 2012

Well, it took me awhile, but, I finally got all the lighting installed on the bike. I am sending you some pics of the finished bike. I appreciate our business relationship and refer you to inquiring people. With all these lights and, yes, the 3618s and the 2412s modulate with the brake along with the Mini-bar and the Original bar… I guess you can say my rear end is well covered and attention getting (my wife has a hard time believing that).
You can probably tell what of your products are installed where, but…

The Mini-bar is on top of the tour trunk
The 3618s are mounted just below that on the tour trunk
The Original bar is mounted just below the tour trunk
The 2412s run vertically, one on each bag.

The bike is a 2008 Honda VTX 1300R, well accessorized.

Thanks for all you have done to help me.

Sincerely, Greg M.

Greg M. (Muskegon, MI)
May 2012

Thanks again for the good, prompt service. Take care, John

John F. (San Ramon, CA)
May 2012

I bought the Admore flashing brake light bar at Daytona this year from you for my 2009 k1300gt. It’s great! Is there a light kit for the stock BMW 49 liter top case including run mining brake and turn signal?

Gary L. (Palm Beach, FL)
April 2012

Many thanks for the quick response to my inquiry.  After further troubleshooting, I determined that the source of the problem was NOT your wiring harness at all.  The rear brake pedal was binding, causing the brake lights to remain on constantly.  There is no need to take you up on your kind offer to switch out the wiring harness.  It appears that your product is working correctly. Since the addition of the Admore lights was the last mod I had done to the bike, I naturally “assumed” that was the problem. I have been greatly impressed with both the quality of your product and your customer service. I am sorry to have taken up your time. Regards,

Warren S. (Charlotte, NC)
April 2012

Thank you for getting back to me. I’m looking forward to getting my light kit – your customer service department is great! Thank you once again, Mel

Mel L. (Birmingham, UK)
April 2012

Received the replacement part and the lights are working perfectly, they are great and I am very happy with them. Good work guys on making them, well thought out. Thank you for the excellent service and product, Bob

Bob B. (Ottawa, ON)
March 2012

Just wanted to say how excellent your product and support is! Very good instructions and support is only an email away. The lights themselves are much brighter then I thought they would be and the safety factor went up to a 10. I would highly recommend these to anyone. My bike: 2007 Bandit with Givi E41.

John W. (Calgary, AB)
March 2012

Thanks for the great customer service. It is refreshing nowadays to find good customer service as it is rare.

Steve C. (OR)
March 2012

Just wanted to say how excellent your product and support is! Very good instructions and support is only an e-mail away.  The lights themselves are much brighter then I thought they would be and the safety factor went up to a 10.  I would highly recommend these to anyone.  2007 Bandit with Givi E41 cases.

John W. (Calgary, AB)
March 2012

Now, that’s fast support!  So different from many other outfits. We’ve been very happy with the admore lights on both scooters, and are telling all our fellow riders so. Drivers here routinely ignore and endanger scooters,claiming not to see them.  I feel a LOT better knowing my wife is more visible! They’ve been attracting many comments and questions.  Thank you!

Dave E. (San Diego, CA)
January 2012

Just wanted to thank you for a brilliant product. Finally had time to install it on Saturday and spent the last 2 days riding with more confidence.
Many thanks,

James M. ()
January 2012

I’ve just installed and tested my new LED7226N-T-TS light bar on my motorcycle.  The unit works perfectly.  I had no problems with the installation instructions and those Posi-Tap connectors are EXCELLENT.  I really like how fast and easy they are to install.

I took 3 hours to figure out how to mount the unit on my motorcycle and to actually mount it. I had to find bushings, drill some holes and file some bits and pieces to make it all fit exactly where I wanted it.  The electrical connection work took about 1-1/2 hours.  I read the schematics for my motorcycle, searched for the wires I needed to tap into, and then made the taps.  It was a fun, easy job. I ride a 2007 Suzuki 650 V-Strom.

Antal G. (Barrie, ON)
January 2012

I had the lights installed on my BMW R1200RT yesterday – red strips on the side cases and on the rear of the top case and amber on the side of the top case.  Wow!  The technicians at Bob’s were all amazed by how much it lights up the bike. So are we!
We like the RT so much that we are selling one of the other bikes and have an RT on order for my husband.  We plan on putting the same lights on his bike, so I’ll be calling today to make the same order I did for mine!
You make a terrific product – can’t thank you enough for helping me feel safer on the road! – Lesley

Lesley B. (Middletown, MD)
December 2011

OK, the problem has been solved! My constant power source was coming off of the unused alarm plug under the rear seat. I moved the source to my Centech fuse block and the light bar now functions perfectly. That alarm +12v source must have some PWM signal on it that your lighting controller does not like. (I did use it successfully in the past for the Hyperlights that the Admore is replacing)

Anyway, maybe add this to your knowledge base should another BMW owner do the same thing.

Gerard G. (Quebec, Canada)
December 2011


Fitted the new V46 kit today, alongside my existing V35s. The overall result is fantastic, the extra visibility is a real life-saver. I’ve had lots of comments about the V35 lights, and happily tell people about how quickly the kits arrive in the UK (1 week from order to delivery) and how easy they are to fit (the V46 was done in less than an hour, although the V35s took a bit longer).

Thanks again,

Pete L. (U.K.)
December 2011

Hi! I purchased the Admore Honda 45l kit.  Easy to install, works very well, Thank you!

Michael W. (Brussels, Belgium)
November 2011

I recently purchased an admore light kit (PCA) for a Givi 52L case with the FJR wiring harness.  The kit works great – thank you!

John D. (Greenville, S.C.)
November 2011


I recently purchased one of your LED Light Bars from Twisted Throttle; I have it mounted above my registration tag on the back of my Victory Vision.  I wanted to take a minute to pass along my thoughts on this unit:

– The installation was very simple and all I needed was provided with your kit.
– The kit did not impact the function of my stock lights and no remote load resistors were required; very nice change from other LED options.
– And the most important thing is this product works great.  I have had many comments that the improvement in visibility is amazing.

The unit has performed flawlessly for about 3000 miles and I feel it was the most significant safety improvement I have ever made to any of my bikes.

Thank you and keep the great products coming.

Best Regards,

Jim M. ()
November 2011

Good Morning. I purchased an admore lighting kit from Twisted Throttle for my two E360 side bags and an E460 top bag from Givi. The top bag has a brake lite installed from Givi.

The admore kit is fantastic. All three bags light up when brake is applied. The two side bags also function as running lites, turn signals as well as brake lites.

Thank you – great safety feature, I love it.

Arle W. (Vancouver, B.C.)
November 2011

Hi, Many thanks for my LED55 – T- TS light kit, easy to fit, fantastic and they
work real good.  Many thanks again!

Terence S. (U.K.)
October 2011

Thank you for your continued support!  It’s comforting to know that companies still stand behind their products.

Take care!

Scott W. (Port Angeles, WA)
September 2011

Thank you for the quick reply. I am impressed by your product and its ease of installation and also by your service to your customers.

Howard R. (Houston, TX)
September 2011

Thank you so much for all your help. You have really distinguished yourselves from the rest of your competition with such great customer support! In fact you’re a model of how to treat customers right for all companies. I solved the problem with your help. I think you can add this issue and solution to your FAQ and use it if you find this issue again. My bike is a Honda RC51 or VTR1000.

Thank you again for your excellent support. I wont hesitate to recommend your products to anyone.

Very sincerely,

Ron L. (Chandler, AZ)
Sepetember 2011

Excellent customer service and support and as a member of a few motorcycle websites I will certainly let everyone know of this support. Thank you,

Jerry H. ()
August 2011

Guys/Gals –

You are the best!  I got the lighting kit installed and it went nearly flawlessly – the only glitch was getting the red reflector lens on the left side to go back on correctly – screws/holes were not cooperating (as was mentioned could happen in the instructions).  Wiring was a breeze with the Posi-Tap system a god send.  Including the recalcitrant left side lens total time was about 2 hours.  I could not be happier.  I did use electrical tape on all the plug in connections inside the top box as I noticed they could pull apart without a lot of pressure applied.  All in all I think your product is fantastic and the customer service beyond compare!  Now if only the weather man would be so helpful so we didn’t have to head out in full SCUBA gear! Thanks again.

Tom N. (Albany, NY)
August 2011

Hi guys,
Yes, I�ve received the harness, installed it and it works like a charm. No issues at all. You guys are unbelievable.
Thanks again for everything.  You are a # 1 company!

Jocelyn S. (Hawkesbury, ON)
August 2011

You guys are amazing…!!!! Just wait ’til I tell all my MC colleagues about your amazing service.
I’d like to say Thank You but IMO, it wouldn’t be enough to tell you guys how grateful I am… Again, thank you! This is what customer service is all about!
Thanks again,

Jocelyn S. (Hawkesbury, ON)
July 2011

The part arrived and I have installed it.  It works great and thank you so much.  I checked your web site and could not find the part and didn’t realize it was available or I would have ordered one.  Again, thanks for the excellent service and the part.

Arden C. ()
July 2011

Hi, Re E52Top Box light kit LED52-T-TS. I received my light kit & managed to fit it to my Tmax 500 in 1hour & 30min . Excellent product in all respects , it took a little longer to fit as the support bracket had to be removed. Full marks to a great product!

Bill R. (Tasmania, Australia)
July 2011

You Have a fine product. My rear end lights up like a Christmas tree at night!

Marv (Port Charlotte)
July 2011

Good Morning, the Y-harness came in and it works great. Thanks, you guys are the best. THANKS AGAIN!

Michael H. (Florence, KY)
July 2011

hi, my name is Bob S. and I have purchased your lighting kits from twisted throttle for my v-strom with givi 35 bags. the kit i bought several years ago was a great kit, good instructions and all worked well. due to no fault of your stuff (givi lid restraint failed in the wind out west this summer) I needed to put a new cannon plug set on my bags. the new 90 degree cannon plugs you sent me for the saddle bags are GREAT!!! i had made some foam blocks to cover the old straight style, but the new ones are nice. the lights add a level of safety on the back of the 1000 v-strom I really like.

Bob S. (Makanda, IL)
July 2011

Thanks for all the great service in the past, I LOVE my Admore lighting kits!

Bruce M. ()
July 2011

Thanks for keeping me updated. You folks have really very good customer service!

Adam W. (San Francisco, CA)
July 2011

Here’s the photos of my 2009 Zuma with light bar on regular running lights and right turn signal. Love it! Thanks for a great product!

Toby H. (Foley, AB)
June 2011

I sent a message earlier about troubles I was having with this kit. Well, I found the issue. The ground that I was using no longer wanted to be a ground. I have no idea why it stopped being one, but as soon as I corrected the grounding issue, my Admore lights are back in all their LED brightness! Thank you for your fine product. Issue resolved!

Scott D. (LaGrange, GA)
June 2011

Hello from Epa�a; The lights are fantastic and work perfectly. The small problem to connect the cables was decisive. Sending a few photographies in order that if another user with my model of motorcycle has problems it could use him as reference. A Greeting and graces for your GOOD SERVICE AND ATTENTION.

Renato C. (Valladolid, Spain)
June 2011

I think Admore makes a great product but their service and commitment to their customers can only be described as “second to none”.   Kudos to Admore and I am definitely going to order their new front running LED lights… apparently they will fit perfectly on the handguards of a Vstrom.

Allan L. (Calgary, AB)
May 2011

It’s all good…had a bad connection at the Red/Blue to Taillight. Thanks for the great support!

Jay ()
May 2011


Last night I successfully installed the LED52-T-TS light kit on my 2003 Honda ST1300.  I must say that I was rather impressed with how well planned and complete the kit was.  With wire management clips, anextra fuse, foam seals, a drill bit, and Posi-Tap connectors, it’s obvious that your team truly understands the meaning of “easy installation”.  Putting everything together was a breeze, and made for an enjoyable evening in the garage.  To say I am quite pleased with the outcome would be an understatement. Thank you!

Jason J. (Pflugerville, TX)
May 2011

Great product –installation was straight-forward and easy. Works great — I now feel very confident that my visibility (especially at night, which is half of my riding) is MUCH GREATER than before.  This unit puts bright red LED lighting right in the face of the vehicles behind/beside me.

Excellent product — well done Admore!!!


2010 Honda NT-700v

Jerry H. (Dallas, TX)
April 2011

Have received the replacement light and it works perfectly. Thanks a lot for your fast service and attention in this matter – you guys are great!

Jeff J. (Toronto, ON)
April 2011

I purchased the Admore mini light bar and last night put it on my 2006 Honda Silverwing. It works great and with an inline electrical adapter I purchased from one of the Silverwing blogs, did not even have to remove any bodywork or cut any wires to install it. It makes me feel much safer and I am including a photo. Thanks for a great product.

Dr. Bob Z. (Blandinsville, IL)
April 2011

Thanks for the tremendous service!

Rick M. ()
April 2011


Thank you, the nut arrived today and I fitted it about ten minutes ago. You guys are great!

It’s not often you find such a good product with such great back-up service. I will be singing your praises on every motorcycle forum I’m involved with. The lights in my E41 side cases are great. In Australia we have amber coloured indicators, so I may be pushing my luck with red ones on my side cases, but I can disconnect the indicators if the police take exception. The extra lights make me feel a lot more visible/safe at night. In fact, now I often put my side cases on if riding at night, just for the extra lights!

Thanks again.


Ian L. (Perth, Western Australia)
April 2011

Thanks again for all of your help and patience with my trials and tribulations. When my daughter goes on her 2011 scooter rally she should be a hit with those lights.

Ed P. (Bedford, TX)
April 2011

As promised, here are photos of JC Whitney�s large motorcycle travel trunk with the LED360/460-T-TS light kit installed and illuminated.  Feel free to use these images to promote your product line.  Thanks again for the great customer service!

Ron B. (Mesa, AZ)
April 2011

I can’t thank you enough for figuring out what I needed to get lighting on my bike the way I wanted.  The mini lights are fantastic!

Did I say I was incredibly happy with the new lighting?

Thanks very much, indeed!

Lesley B. (Middletown, MD)
March 2011

This is my second purchase of an Admore lighting controller,  and they say, the second time is always better!”   I just got a new Givi E55 case and had no hesitations about getting the Admore lighting kit for my new top case.  My old case was the E470 and used the Admore lighting kit on that for 3 year without any problems….so the second time was just as great..installation of the lights were easy,  love the new clips that you include to help hold the wiring down inside the case.  Everything worked like a champ….love the new brake modulation feature that pulses the brake lights in top case.  Great products and company to do business with…thanks Admore!

Ira C. (Beacon, NY)
March 2011

First I want to say that I received the package about midday yesterday (Wednesday) and decided to install it this morning.
In doing the research I found that it should take about an hour to install the light kit. (It took me about 2 hours)  I had a BLAST getting the kit installed.
The directions were very clear and the figures that showed various states of the installation process were great.
All of the needed items were included.  It did take me about 2-3 minutes to figure out how I was going to install the Posi-Tap connectors but once I had the plan it was OK.
It probably took me a little longer because I literally had to take the bracket for the Top Box off of the Scooter in order to route the wires correctly. (I have a 2007 Suzuki Burgman 650)

The connectors worked flawlessly; I was surprised because I did not have to take any of them off because of a connection problem.

It seems as though the whole package had gone through many changes and modifications to get to this point of being so ‘complete’ in its design and instruction layout.  Congratulations! on a great product.

Thank you!

Paul W. (Huntington Beach, CA)
February 2011

V46 LED kit – just wanted to thank you for the speedy service (a week to UK) and the excellent product and ease of fitting.
I’m very pleased – thank you very much.

Tim L. (U.K.)
February 2011

I am very pleased with the mini light bar.  My whole purpose of purchasing it was to be seen easier by other drivers and I do believe that this will get the job done. Just got back into motorcycles and look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks!

Jeff S. (Hammond, IN)
February 2011

Thanks for a great product!!

Adrian S. (Abilene, TX)
February 2011

Hi guys,

Received my mini light bar.   I must say that from the box it came in, the instructions, the quality of the product, to the ease of installation, and the special wire taps you include (never used those before) this is a first class product!

Peter B. ()
Janaury 2011

Hello and Happy New Year! I got the light kit I received from you installed today, everything turned out great with the install, very nice product!   Thank you!

Jay W. (Tigard, OR)
January 2011

First off, a tip of the hat to your shippers, product builders and web IT people. From my initial query to the time I placed my order and then receiving the final product. Your service and quality is WAY above par. I was in the MC biz for OEM ( 1992-2001 ) and worked in the aftermarket game as a dealer rep ( 2001 – 2006). It’s nice to see a company that practices what it preaches.
I am a purchaser / buyer, and I only wish that 50% of my suppliers replied to their “contact us” emails as fast as you did!

Gerry F. (Edmonton, AB)
January 2011

Hello Admore, my LED kit [Vespa kit] is installed and I am very happy with it!  Thank you!!

Mike H. (Australia)
January 2011

I can�t tell you what a difference your lights have made.  I have them on my top case as well as my side cases and everybody who sees them (how can you not see them!) is impressed at the increased visibility of the bike.  My wife loves them and feels much better knowing that I can�t be missed while I�m out riding or on my way to work. It�s the best money I�ve ever spent. Thanks again!

Ron P. ()
January 2011

Hi there,

Received the package on Friday and put it in today. Perfect! Thank you so very much for your excellent customer service. Well beyond reasonable expectations!

Paul K. (Irvine, CA)
December 2010

A well overdue testimonial.

I fitted the V35 side-case lights last spring and they’ve performed flawlessly since. I’ve had my side cases off and on MANY, many times and the quarter-turn connectors are so reliable and easy (I keep them greased with electrical-grease too).

The fitting of the lights was easy on my Bandit 650. The required cables to tap into were easy to find on this bike.

The only negative was the long rigid part of the internal connection inside the cases. This was resolved BEAUTIFULLY by ordering Admore’s �90 degree� sockets instead – well recommended if you want to use maximum space inside the cases [AdMore comment: Now included with all new kits].

In England, any visibility enhancement is a bonus. These running/brake/turn lights are a HUGE visibility enhancement. And let’s be honest, they look fantastic too 🙂

The other thing I’d like to comment on would be that I used adhesive cable restrainers to keep the internal case cable well and truly secured to the case inner-walls. It would be good to see such things included in the pack, they’re very cheap [AdMore comment: Now included with all new kits].

Thanks again for your great product and your advice on the alternative 90 degree connectors.

Greg (Leicester, England)
December 2010

I love the end result! Very very bright and unique in my country!

Yeo Chok Y. (Singapore)
November 2010

Thanks for your quick reply – your product works as advertised and I am completely satisfied.

Joe Z. (Atwater, CA)
October 2010

Wow, I didn�t think I�d be writing so quickly to say how on two occasions the Admore lights have saved me from being in a pile up!! Ironically the next one was a biker that was way behind me on my right on a dual carriage way � it was howling down with rain, the guy on the bike to my right was coming along slowly up behind cars that had slowed down, apparently I braked � he looked at my lights and then drove in to the back of the car in front! He literally just bumped the car, so no damage but he laughed that he was distracted by my lights!! I think you have another order coming soon! Both Yamaha dealers I�ve been to have been very impressed… Regards � Tony

Tony L. (U.K.)
October 2010

Thank you for making a product that not only adds to the looks of my motorcycle, but also enhances the safety of commuting to work in the predawn.  I have noticed that since adding the light kit to the V35 saddlebags that cars are not driving as close to me as they were prior to installing the kit.  Having the combination running, brake, and turn signal lights on the outboard edge of the bags really makes the bike more noticeable in traffic.  The installation went smoothly and the components are high quality with everything needed included in the kit.  I have attached some pics of the bike and before and after pics of the lighting.  Thanks Again.

David R. (Taft, TN)
October 2010

Thanks a lot – really like the increased lighting!

Curtis C. (Miami, FL)
October 2010

As a Licensed Aircraft Engineer of 46 years, I feel qualified to make the following observation.  The quality of this electrical product is excellent.  The packaging was also very professional.  The only minor criticism would be regarding the PosiTap connectors.   The supplied PTA1800 were too large for the BMW.  BMW wires are very small (22 SWG) I therefore substituted the supplied PTA1800 with smaller PTA2022R.  That aside, the lights rock!

The product installed very easy and are functioning as advertised.  As a safety feature I would rank these lights up there with ABS.  See and be seen at cager level!

Well done AdMore Lighting for an excellent product and service.

Rod M. (Manila, Philippines)
October 2010

Greetings admore, I�ve attached a couple photos of your original light bar freshly installed on my 2004 BMW R1150GS Adventure. Fantastic product! My Micatech panniers pretty much block out the short stalk turn signals (from the side) Your light bar puts additional signal lights up where they can be seen� NICE!
Thanks for the fast shipping on a quality product� installation was a snap!

Rick M. (Belford, NJ)
October 2010

Thanks for your quick reply – your product works as advertised and I am completley satisfied.

Joe Z. (Atwater, CA)
October 2010

To the folks at Admore Lighting:

I can’t rave enough about the Light Bar (Mini) or about your customer service.  It is clear that your organization takes pride in its products and its service, and you have every right to.  I installed the mini on my BMW R1200 RT and it looks as if it is a factory item.  Furthermore, it adds significantly to the visibility of the motorcycle (for some reason, I’m obsessed with being visible in Boston) and it has been commented upon favorably by both riders and car / truck drivers.  I highly recommend the product and I have encouraged the BMW dealer in Boston to offer the Admore products in their parts department.

Many thanks for the great product and for standing behind it!


P.S. For those of you in the Boston area, I encourage you to visit Krankitup in Medford if you are considering adding aftermarket electrical items; they are perfectionists, but reasonably priced.

Seth K. (Boston, MA)
September 2010

Brilliant kit – fitted well and looks fantastic – photos coming!!!

Many thanks for excellent service – you are a model organisation!!!!

Alex B. (New South Wales, Australia)
September 2010

I installed your lighting kit on my Givi 52 top case in one evening (good for me, a novice electrician).  But  only the brake lights worked, so I called your support line the next day and left a message describing the situation.  David called back a few minutes later (amazing return call speed!).  He quickly understood the problem and had the solution, or at least he was willing to bet.  Good thing I didn’t take the bet, because I would have had to pay up.  I had reversed the wire colors on my bike.  A quick swap and everything worked as designed. The cost of this kit includes excellent support.

Mike E. (NY)
August 2010

This past weekend I was staying at the same hotel as some GoldWing guys. They were pulling trailers, bitches on the back (like me), the whole enchilada.

That evening in the parking lot, I was washing the rain splooge off my bike. When I fired it up, the GW crowd said…, “Wow, that thing really lights up!!! What kind of lights are those?”

When you can impress a GoldWinger with your lights, now that’s candlepower!  🙂

Jeff A. aka �HaulinAshe� (Richlands, NC)
August 2010

Many thanks, I received the kit and have it installed. It took about 1 hour
as I have to remove the Givi rack and rear cowl of my Honda 919.
Great product and looks great, thanks.

Curtis C. (Miami, FL)
August 2010

Thank You for a great product and excellent Custumer support.

Brian W. (Ringwood, NJ)
August 2010

I have installed your kit for the Givi 52 liter topcase.  Great product.

Rob J. (Nashville, TN)
August 2010

I am very pleased, you make a great product.
Thanks a lot. You guys are top notch!

Josh C. (Elk Grove, CA)
July 2010

I would also like to thank you for the instructions-they are very detailed. The color photos are an excellent addition!
Thanks for a great product!

Doug (Calgary, AB)
July 2010

I purchased your e460 light kit last month and installed it right away.  I love how it looks and works and have been thrilled with it.

Josh C. (San Diego, CA)
July 2010

You have a get product! I really like the tail lights on the GIVI 55 and had lots of inquiries on them. I know that a friend of mine likes them so much, he has bought lights from admore for his GIVI e41’s. If ever someone asks about them I will always give ADMORE a great review.

Doug R. (Carmel, IN)
July 2010

Thank you again for a fine product and all of your great service!

Stephen D. (Belmont, NC)
July 2010

The mini light bar works perfectly…even exceeds my expectations! It is way brighter than I had expected. A great design and superb product.

Rocky D. (San Diego, CA)
July 2010

You have a great product. I really like the tail lights on the GIVI 55 and had lots of inquiries on them. I know that a friend of mine liked them so much, he bought a light kit from admore for his GIVI e41’s. If ever someone asks about them I will always give ADMORE a great review.

Doug R. (Carmel, IN)
July 2010

Here are some pictures of your product installed on my Silverwing as promised.   I am a very satisfied AdMore customer.

Terry C. (Winnipeg, MB)
July 2010

I could not be happier with the light kit or your service. Sorry for the hassles! I greatly appreciate everything you’ve done and look forward to purchasing from you in the future.

Dan P. (Cadillac, MI)
July 2010

Hello chaps,
Thank you for your e-mail.
No probs with the delay – you must be busy making and sending out all the gear……and dealing with half-wits!

The Bar arrived this morning and is now successfully fitted and working beautifully.
I did take even more care this time, taping bare wires until just before connection.

Thank you for your generosity and patience. I’ve made further posts on Silverwing600 which I hope you will have time to read at some point. Other members there have been watching with interest and feel confident to buy and attach the Bars to their Silverwings – it really does look just right as you’ll see in my pictures.

Thank you again!

Best wishes,

Mike O. (Belgium)
July 2010

Thanks for the call today.

Problem solved with the left turn signal. As you suspected, just a non
connection to the left flasher bulb.

Took 2 more tries with splicing connector before I got a good connection.

Bruce D. (Ottawa, ON)
July 2010

Just finished the install of my top case’s brake lights and turn signals and WOW!! – they’re great! Pictures to follow.

Rick R. (Vail, AZ)
July 2010

When I first installed my mini light bar, there was one led that was out, and I was disappointed, and I thought of contacting you to return it, but later, it came on, and the light works perfectly…even exceeds my expectations! It is way brighter than I had expected. A great design, and superb product!

Rocky D. (San Diego, CA)
June 2010

Got the new light bar… Works like a champ!  I really want to thank you for the GREAT response dealing with this… Customer goodwill goes a long way and I’ll be sure to recommend you and your products whenever possible.

Oh, and I love the lights!!! The light bar is especially trick!

Best regards,

Ray K. (Boise, ID)
June 2010

Thank you very much for the VERY prompt response!

Dave M. (Gresham, OR)
June 2010

Got the new light bar… Works like a champ! The RMA’d unit is en route back to you.  I really want to thank you for the GREAT response dealing with this… Customer goodwill goes a long way and I’ll be sure to recommend you and your products whenever possible.
Oh, and I love the lights!!! The light bar is especially trick!
Best regards,

Ray K. (Boise, ID)
June 2010

I love your light product that I purchased for my GIVI V35 luggage.  Thank you!!

Jim H. (Kansas City, MO)
June 2010

FYI –Took some time to install today. Works like a charm on this model bike in case you have anyone else ask. Thanks!

Mike G. (Spring Hill, FL)
June 2010

I LOVE this kit!

Jon G. (Lilburn, GA)
June ’10

The Admore lights are really bright even in sunshine and at night they look amazing. I have had many comments from the Starship Enterprise to a circus parade, and as you can see my 2004 DL1000 looks just ace. Thank You very much for an excellent product – anything that enhances our presence on the roads over here is a serious lifesaver!!

Mark (United Kingdom)
June 2010

Special thanks for the over the top customer service! I will definitely spread the word on the great experience I have had with your company.

Dan ()
June 2010

Your product is fabulous! I especially like how the turn signals are progressive and don’t just “blink”. Installation was easy. Thanks a lot.

Miguel ()
May 2010

As a safety conscious biker, I take a great interest in researching anything that may help to improve my visibility in traffic, especially to the motorists that seem to always fail to notice me! Luggage on a bike can sometimes distract the motorists eye away from the tail light, especially on GIVI kits were there are red lens with no reflective strip behind or lights fitted to them – the amount of motorists that watch these red lens expecting them to light when braking is phenomenal. This can lead to cars not reacting in time before impacting to your rear and is personally something I made a priority to rectify.

During my research I came across Admore Lighting. Initially I was cautious due to them being so far from me, but having contacted them I received a friendly email reply from David. I found David to be a very pleasant guy who at no time forced me into any purchase, and who was more than happy to help with my research and put to rest any fears I had. He even went on to make a special offer deal for fellow Bandit riders on our forum, which was excellent. The systems Admore Lighting offers excellent LED lighting at eye level, which as stated in other testimonials could in turn become a life saver!

Installation of the kit on my 2010 Suzuki Bandit GSF 1250 SA GT was very straightforward, and everything needed was supplied!  The kit was dispatched promptly and arrived within the expected time period, I even had David email me to check it had arrived safely. Instructions supplied were detailed and concise, but extremely easy to follow. All connectors supplied allow for easy installation into the bike’s electrics. Due to UK laws, it was very easy to fit the kits and leave off the signal indicator, so as to give just brake light and tail light. To fit the V35 pannier kit and the V46 topbox kits took around 4 hours in total from opening the boxes.

Once installed these kits just blend in as if they are designed to be there. A lot of time has clearly gone into designing these kits and they do attract a lot of attention from other bikers who are keen to replicate the effect on their own bikes. I can only recommend Admore Lighting for their products, components, lighting effect, safety improvements and most of all customer service and satisfaction. Would highly recommend!

Phil J. (Northern Ireland)
April 2010

I spent tonight installing the lighting kit. It works GREAT and I am VERY HAPPY with the results!

Fred A. (Scottsville, NY)
April 2010

I LOVE my lighting kit for my Givi Maxia! I feel so much more safer driving now, especially at night. Thanks again AdMoreLighting for a great product!

Michael H. (Hillsborough, NC)
April 2010

Hi guys,

Harness well received yesterday and installed today.  Brilliant – all works as it should.  You have really gone out of your way to rectify this problem, I wish every supplier was this attentive to their customers and rest assured that I will blow trumpets about the quality of your service and products on this side of the pond.

Attached are a couple of pictures, showing the lights in action.

Again, many many thanks.  You have restored my faith in humanity!!

Siggi J. (Kent, U.K.)
March 2010

Well done with your product! It’s very neat and well put together. It was quite easy to work on and a kid could follow the wiring diagram.
Good luck for the future and here’s hoping for some good weather next weekend so I can show off my new lights!

Nick R. (U.K.)
March 2010

What a great product you guys have for the Givi Bags. I Love em!

James A. (Bloomingdale, GA)
February 2010

The lights look awesome – thanks!

Michael H. (Durham, NC)
February 2010

I purchased the Admore lights for my V-35’s and V-46 last autumn and finally got them installed last week.  They are incredible!  Also, easy straight-forward instructions. Thanks for a great product!

Michael B. (Cadillac, MI)
February 2010

Fitted kit today and works great!!  Thanks again for a very nice product and service.

Simon G. (South Hampton, U.K.)
January 2010

Have just fitted your full lighting kit to my topbox (Givi V46). Found the kit you sent me as advertised, instructions first class, and the kit worked perfectly first time. Well done on a great product!  I belong to the Ulysses Over 50’s group here in Australia and will be recommending your kit to all in our club.

Jim A. (Australia)
January 2010

I have gotten to the point that I don’t feel comfortable riding without your lights!

Dennis S. (Tallahassee, FL)
January 2010

Thank you so much for returning my call last evening, your suggestions sure made the installation go much easier. I decided to install the cable connector towards the very back of the bike, just to the right of center of the Givi E52. It appears to be better protected there than towards the front where my helmets may rest on the wire and damage it. The connector is much more noticeable from the outside so it may prevent me from yanking the case off and forgeting about the connector. The PosiTaps worked great and the kit functions perfectly.

Robert M. (Florida)
December ’09

Hi, guys – Love the kit, works really well and markedly improves visibility. Kudos.

Cameron E. (Bellevue, WA)
December 2009

I have had the kit installed since September 1 and I love the extra security it gives me!

James L. (Monroe, MI)
October ’09

I wanted to give a customer testimonial on the two AdMoreLighting products I have installed on my new 2009 Kawasaki Concours 14.

I have a Givi E470 top case installed on my bike so I ordered both the LED470-T-TS and an AdMore Lite Bar.

I did some “customization” of the lite bar power-coated bracket, but other than that, the product was easy to install, and by taking my time and thoroughly planning the routing of the conductors for both kits, the installation was neat and clean.

I want to commend you and AdMoreLighting on prompt return of my call for tech support (which it turned out I didn’t need) and the friendly and helpful follow-up on a second call.  This kind of customer service will ensure your company’s success and I commend you for taking a great and positive interest in your business and in your customer – namely, me.

I will do business with AdMoreLighting again – you can count on it!

Keith V. (Dallas, TX)
October ’09

Here are some pictures that you are welcome to use.
By the way the kit is great,very nicely put together and I have recommended it to lots of fellow riders already.

Mike K. (Calgary, AB)
October ’09

So….much to my surprise the replacement harness from you arrived in the mail yesterday. Last night I was back in the garage working on the bike.  Long story short, it’s all done and it’s perfect!  Now the other part of this. I owe you a large apology.  I completely tee’d off on you over this light kit and as it turns out it was my own error that did in fact cause the original harness to fry.  With greater care and a multi-meter I reviewed each and every step this time.  Suffice to say, despite my previous electrical installation experience I screwed up.  I’m really embarrassed over this and more so over the communications that I sent to you.  Sorry about that!

Thanks for the speedy follow through and for not telling me to bugger off. Really embarrassed here. I won’t be sending the other harness back. I’ll save you the aggravation and me the postage!

AdMore comment: You’re a bigger man than most!  Thanks for acknowledging your mistake and for your apology (which is whole-heartedly accepted!)  If there is anything that we can do for you in the future, please do not hesitate to call on us!  We are here to help!

Rob J. (Toronto, ON)
August ’09

Last week I orderd the AdMore kit for the E360 side bags and I successfully installed them in the JCwhitney travel boxes. They looked great and gave me awsome visibility on my trip around Lake Michigan that I finished last night. It was also great to be able to disconnect the bags quicky and take them into the hotel!

Michael B. (Peoria, IL)
August ’09

Thank you for writing back…boy do I feel like a dummy….I realized shortly after writing the email that I had the brake and ignition 12 V supply switched. So the pre install test worked fine….my mistake was letting my 18 year old son share some bonding time by helping me install the kit. Coincidentally, there are blue and red wiring on the bike that correspond to the wires that I needed to tap….in reverse of what was needed, and resulted in cross matching the brake and 12V supply. He tried and had the colors correct – just in reverse.  Quick fix!

I have to say that I love this lighting kit. I have looked for lighting to add as my tail light is hidden below the trunk. The Admore lighting is just as bright as the brake-only lights that came in the lens. I would recommend this and any of your kits to everyone I know. Thank you for your time and for responding so quickly. And thanks for putting such a great kit together.

Bill M. (unknown)
July ’09

I installed one of the AdMore Universal Side Case kits on my Jesse panniers for my Vstrom. First off, your customer service is excellent!  All of my questions and e-mails were answered quickly.  The kit itself is great, instructions are spot on and the wiring and connections are top notch and easy to install.

The lights themselves completely change the back of the bike. The brake and turn signal functions are a lot more visible now and I get quite a few comments from others on how well they show up.  I feel a lot better and safer knowing they are there.  Thank you!!

Terry S. (Ontario, Canada)
July ’09

The AdMore Lite Bar installed beautifully. It seriously looks as if my luggage rack was built specifically for the Lite Bar, or vice versa. It fits perfectly and looks factory installed!  Thanks for another great product!

Adam G. (Issaquah, WA)
July ’09

I think your kit for the E370 case is great!  I know I’ve made a sale and one potentional already for your product.  My friends and their friends who are regular commuters on motorcycles and who have givi cases are very interested in seeing my bike with these lights.  Next time I ride up to Portsmouth, NH’s bike parking area, I’m sure I’ll get a lot of interest.

Jeff K. (Newburyport, MA)
June ’09


Just to let you know that I received the AdMore LED460 lighting kit as ordered during my recent trip to your beautiful country……the package was waiting for me at our hotel in Toronto as you promised.  Thank you for that….I will certainly be singing your praises every chance I get here in OZ.

thanks again and regards,

Ted S. (Australia)
June ’09

Just prior to a recent 1,500 mile trip on my Honda Big Ruckus Scooter, i received my long wanted AdMore LED lighting kit for my Givi E470 Top Case.   All i can say is WOW!   While the Givi Top case lighting kit provides what i would call adequate lighting for the top case reflector,  your well designed and easily installed lighting kit is unbelievable.     It is incredibly bright and i feel more comfortable about being seen in both daylight and night conditions.    The 6 month wait while the product was being developed was well worth the wait.   During my recent trip i was often asked about the product and could only boast about how happy i was.  So thanks for getting this out and into my hands!

Ira C. (Wappingers Falls, NY)
June ’09

I just installed a set of your lights on the Givi V-35 cases on a 650 V-Strom.
The led’s were so small I wasn’t sure they would be bright enough. They work great!!  It is unbelievable how well they work. Thanks!!!

Ron G. (Fayetteville, GA)
May ’09

I got your replacement harness on Friday and this time I made sure that my trunk wires were properly insulated before I even attempted to hook it up. When I replaced the harness, everything lit up as expected! I buttoned it all back up and the LEDs work beautifully! I’m very happy with the results – you truly have a great product.  Thanks!

Adam G. (Issaquah, WA)
April ’09

Riley here – back safe and sound after an incredible motorcycle trip.  I sold my bike in Buenos Aires, Argentina, so I’m not able to show you the light strips after the fact, but I can assure you that they were still attached and working like the day we installed them.

When I finally reached Buenos Aires, Argentina, the AdMore LED light strips on my battered aluminum panniers were still working like the day they were installed in Calgary, Canada.  After riding through 15 countries, over 14,000 miles, and a lot of rough use, the light strips never failed me.  The robust construction and installation stood up to tropical storms, snowy Andes, deserts, salt flats, rough roads, sand, dust, mud, and everything in between.  The quick release connections to allow pannier removal were never a problem, even after accidentally partially melting one on my exhaust pipe.  The wires were routed out of the way inside the panniers and never once did they catch on the countless items that went into and out of my panniers along the way.  The control chip and pinch connectors under the seat held together despite removing the seat for maintenance and repairs under all conditions, exposing them to knocks and bumps from elbows and wrenches.  Lastly, the small holes in my panniers for the wires to go through were water tight with the grommets supplied in the installation.

A truly robust and reliable system, I felt much safer knowing that I had the added visibility from behind, a fact that my family also appreciated for such a long trip.  Thank you again for an excellent product!   I will use them on all my motorcycles in the future and highly recommend others to do the same!  Thanks for helping to keep me safe on my long motorcycle trip!

Riley B. (Calgary, AB)
April ’09

The customer service over at Admore Lighting is excellent!  I e-mailed them late one Friday night with a question on a possible defective harness. I expected to hear back from them the following Monday. Instead, I got an e-mail back that same night!  To make a long story short, David took very good care of me. He said that I could give him a call when I got off of work, which was at 11:00 (that�s PM on a Friday night!).  After talking about my harness problem, David said that it sounded like I may have a defective harness and that he would arrange to have a replacement harness sent out to me right away.  Unfortunately, there was a postal service delay getting it to me and David sent me another one via courier at a cost of $35 which they paid for. As it turned out, I received the 1st replacement harness the same day they sent the 2nd one!  I tested and installed it. It was perfect.

It would be great if more companies stood behind their products like Admore Lighting does. I feel safer knowing that people can see me better and it greatly enhances my Givi E52. I love their product! Thanks David and way to go Admore!

Michael D. (Springfield, VA)
April ’09

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the Admore Lighting kit that is installed in the Givi E52 topcase that is mounted on my Yamaha FJR.  When I first saw the video on the Twisted Throttle website where this particular lighting kit was demonstrated I knew I had to put one on my FJR.  At that time I had the Yamaha factory trunk installed and was dissatisfied with the lack of space inside and most especially lack of additional lighting.  The factory taillight/turn signal combination seemed woefully inadequate especially here in southern California with all the distracted drivers we have.  I removed the factory trunk, purchased and installed the Givi E52 topcase and most importantly the
Admore Lighting kit that fits inside.  To say that I am thrilled with the extra visibility is a major understatement.  The bright red LED�s for both the brakelight as well as turn signals are all that I hoped they would be.  You guys have a winner as far as I’m concerned!

Recently I was carrying something in the topcase that broke one of the connector wires and shorted out part of the connector plug.  This resulted in the left side LED’s not working.  I sent an email requesting assistance and within 30 minutes David called me back and explained that I had burned out part of the embedded mini controller and agreed to send me a new harness to replace the damaged one.  Within a week I had the new harness and then installed the portion that attaches to the bike but I failed to change the portion inside the top case and promptly blew out the new harness.  I again called David and he agreed to send me yet another new harness even though damaging the first replacement was entirely my fault.  The second replacement harness is now installed in its entirety and the lighting kit is again working perfectly.  I simply cannot say enough good about Admore Lighting and their LED kits.  The after-sale service and support is absolutely unbelievable.  Thanks to David at Admore Lighting for his willingness to go above and beyond in helping me fix my problem.

Bruce F. (Trabuco Canyon, CA)
February ’09

Thanks for the SUPER customer service!

Brian R. (East Taunton, MA)
February ’09

We took a 4,000 mile trip from Seattle, through Wyoming and Colorado to the South Western States, during the whole month of September.  It was a fantastic trip!  The AdMore lights worked flawlessly the entire trip.  It was comforting to see the back of my wife’s bike all lit up, knowing she would be a lot easier to see by all the crazy drivers out there.

I was also thinking about how great your support has been and how quickly you responded so that we could get the lights working in time for our trip.  You went out of your way to make sure things were taken care of – pushing that special build through that would work with the unique problem our bike was having with the ignition interference.  Thanks for a great product and great service!

Les N. (Woodinville, WA)
November ’08

I’m happy to report the new harness is still working wonderfully.  Thank you for correcting the issue with the Pulse Width Modulated system on my BMW.

Thanks again.  I really like how much additional light the AdMore system has added to the back of my motorcycle.

Jim K. (Powell, Ohio)
October ’08

I recently purchased your E41 Side Mount Light Kit for my 2005 Suzuki V-Strom 1000. I found the kit very easy to install and I have recommended your kit to several friends. There are too many people on cell phones these days not paying attention to their driving and I want all the help I can get in being seen on the road. Thanks for a great product!

Rob C. (Cincinnati, Ohio)
October ’08

My light kit for my E52 top box arrived swiftly and safely…all fitted and working 100%!

These lights are excellent!!!

Your customer service is to be commended….

I. Cryer (United Kingdom)
October ’08

I think that you have a great product and I already have people asking me how they work and who I got them from.  I heartily endorse your product and service to anyone that asks.
Once again, thanks for the prompt shipment and I will most likely be purchasing additional products from you in the future as I add GIVI side cases to my motorcycle.

David Y. (Fargo, ND)
October ’08

You guys have a great product!  There was a problem with my harness on my DL650 but you replaced it with a new one right away.  The new harness works great and I love the lights on my E52 case.  They give me so much more visibility on the road.  The wrap-around feature is awesome!  Thanks for a great product and great service.  I have already recommended your company to others and will continue to do so!  Thanks again!!

J. Montrose (Dallas, TX)
September ’08

Thanks!!!  Got my lights and hooked them up and WOW!!!  I love them!  I feel so much safer out there on the road. I’m telling all of my friends about them!

S. Nix (VA)
September ’08

I was never pleased with the output of the Givi stock lighting kit.  I also thought that the side reflectors were begging for some lamps.  Never understood why Givi was still using incandescent bulbs either. Did not seem too difficult to me to make the stock Givi kit have running lights as well as brake lights.Your product addressed all of my concerns in a simple to install, compact kit.
Installation took about 35 minutes. I give the kit a 10 out of 10.

Bill M. (Morton, IL)
July ’08

As a former police motor officer, and a current motorcycle safety instructor, I know that anything a rider can do to make them self more visible in traffic will lessen the likelihood that they will be involved in a collision with another motorist. Adding luggage to a motorcycle may in some situations block the lines of sight to the rear lights on the bike. This can create additional hazards, especially in heavy traffic. Vehicles following behind and to the side may not see the bike�s signals or brake lights when they are activated.

The systems Admore Lighting offers for Givi luggage provide effective solutions to make motorcycles more visible in traffic. Their control system incorporating brake and signal light functions make the added lights far more effective than just running lights alone.  Getting the brake light up into the line of sight of a driver following behind could be a life saver!

Installation of the kit on my bike was very straightforward, and everything needed was supplied including the drill bit to install the electrical connector!  Admore Lighting�s customer service is second to none. My questions regarding the application on my motorcycle were answered promptly, and my kit arrived within days of my order.

Being seen is essential to being safe on a motorcycle. Admore Lighting systems are attention grabbing.  Because they integrate so well into Givi�s luggage, Admore Lighting systems will make your bike look just that much better as well!

Flemming Kristensen, Instructor, Canada Safety Council Motorcycle Programs (Edmonton, AB)
May ’08

The AdMore kit [LEDV35-S] is exactly what I wanted: it�s easy to install, has quality components, provides full taillight, brake light, and turn signal functionality, and really makes a BIG difference in my bike’s visibility – both night and day.  It�s money well spent both for great looks and additional safety!

K. Moore (Coconut Creek, FL)
May ’08

First of all, I would like to say thanks to you and Admore Lighting for asking me to take part in your V35 beta program . The package that you sent to me arrived in 2 days. The kit was well thought out, the instructions were well laid out and easy to follow. The wiring itself was very straight forward and very neat and tidy – the connectors made the job easy.  I am more than satisfied with the outcome of this undertaking.  I have had nothing but positive response on your lighting kits [LEDV35-S and LED52-T-TS] and will be recomending it highly on all of the motorcycling forums that I am currently a member of. This kit has improved the safety of my bike ten-fold.  Thanks again for the opportunity and a great product.

M. Stonehouse (Edmonton, AB)
May ’08

I received the kit [LED52-T-TS] on Monday and installed it on Monday nite. Looks great and makes me feel a lot safer! Having already been run over once, I�m big on conspicuity enhancements to my bike.

D. Schroeter (Vancouver, BC)
April ’08

I received and installed your LEDV46-T light kit. Just wanted to tell you that it works great! It looks really good and I am very pleased. Great that you included the drill bit needed also. Very nice kit and I will purchase any additional light kits you may have in the future. Again, thanks for a great product!

Paul H. (West Grove, PA)

I ordered the V46 light kit from you guys because the stock kit from GIVI sucks. Installation was easy and the cables and connectors you guys use are top notch. The LEDs are great and I like that they’re on all the time and go super bright when the brakes are on. You guys think of everything – right down to the drill bit! I like the color instructions too! Thanks for a great product. I would highly recommend to anyone with GIVI cases.

Jeff C. (Tampa, FL)

I just wanted to thank you for such a sweet product. The install went easy once you read the directions a few times for mental reference. All the parts were included, the directions were precise and the positaps are really nice and easy to use. The end result is that I have running lights, brake lights and turn signals on my Givi E460. The hardest part is accessing the factory wiring. No need for the factory brake light as this set up is brighter and does more! Thanks once again for delivering the goods.

Mike M. (Fremont, CA)

I ride a ’98 Blackbird with GIVI E360 side cases and an E460 top case. I’m big on being seen and want to have as much light on my bike as possible. That’s why, when I ran across the new LED light kits for GIVI bags at AdMore Lighting, I bought a kit right away.

The kit is great! It comes complete with everything – including a drill bit! These guys have thought of everything. The instructions are really easy to follow – I had my kit installed in about an hour.

My bike is really noticeable now – particularly in low light conditions. The LED’s are really bright. The lights make the bags (which look good already) look great!

Thanks for all your help Dave!

Glen R. (Maple Ridge, B.C.)

My name is Steve and I live in Seattle, WA. I have a 1993 Katana 1100 with 87,000 mile on it. I ride my bike mounted with GIVI E360 bags almost every day.

I recently purchased one of your new LED light kits. I was a bit hesitant in the beginning to buy the light kit over the Internet because you don’t always know what you’re getting and I didn’t want to be disappointed.

The light kit came in over the weekend, which gave me plenty of time to look over the directions. Installation was a breeze!!! Very simple and straight forward for any motorcycle. The connecters were first rate, very high quality and look like they’re built to last many miles and years. I can’t say enough about the build quality!!!!

I know your company and product will go far! Keep up the great work!!! Thanks for a great product!

Steve S. (Seattle, WA)