TCPH5-B Power Harness


Product Code: TCPH5-B

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Extra / Replacement topcase power harness for bi-color (red/amber), common-ground light kits.

Are you the lucky owner of more than one motorcycle? Are you looking to be able to use your topcase with LED light kit on multiple bikes? Purchase additional Power Harnesses and you can easily transfer your topcase between bikes and have all of the benefits of your LED light kit on each bike! Each Power Harness comes complete with all wiring leads and weatherproof connector to connect to the existing AdMore connector on your topcase. Also included is a set of wire taps to connect the new power harness to your bike.

Please note: You must have purchased a complete AdMore light kit in order to use this extra Power Harness.

Power Harness: DIP switches (Yes)

Case Cable Connector (inside case): Rectangular