Park-n-Move Motorcycle Dolly (Light Duty)


Park-n-Move Motorcycle Dolly (Light Duty)

“Park your motorcycle or scooter anywhere”

  • Made in Canada!
  • No Modifications to your motorcycle or scooter
  • Suitable for motorcycles and scooters with a center stand (center stand required)
  • Clean, compact design
  • Heavy-duty casters
  • 500lb weight capacity – this is a light duty version of the original Park-n-Move and is designed for smaller displacement motorcycles and scooters
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in Canada, shipped from Canada (no extra charges, e.g. duties, bond or brokerage fees, etc. for Canadian or U.S. customers)

The Park-n-Move is the ‘must have’ product for all motorcycle and scooter owners needing to easily move their motorcycle or scooter around.  When space is an issue the Park-n-Move allows one person to easily park their motorcycle in any location they desire.

The Park-n-Move is designed for all motorcycles and scooters with center stands.


Park Your Motorcycle or Scooter ANYWHERE – The Park-n-Move has four 360° heavy-duty casters allowing your motorcycle or scooter to be placed anywhere room is available. Valuable floor space in your garage is used in the most efficient manner.

No Modifications to Your Motorcycle or Scooter– The Park-n-Move utilizes the center stand found on many of today’s motorcycles and scooters.  Simply roll the Park-n-Move under the bike, fold down your center stand, and move your motorcycle or scooter anywhere in the garage.

Park Multiple Motorcycles or Scooters – The Park-n-Move can help you locate all of your two-wheeled vehicles in your garage.  Have a Park-n-Move for each bike and quickly roll whatever motorcycle or scooter out you want to ride.

Locking Casters – The Park-n-Move has locking heavy-duty casters.  The locking casters secure the Park-n-Move in place while you unload your motorcycle or scooter. The locking casters also anchor your vehicle once parked. No need to worry about it rolling out of place.

One Person Operation – The Park-n-Move was designed for one person to easily move a motorcycle or scooter where room is at a premium. No more wrestling your bike back and forth to position it in the place you want.

Low Profile Design – The Park-n-Move design is low to the ground.  Minimal effort is required to place the bike on the Park-n-Move.

Compact Design – The Park-n-Move is a single piece design that stores out of the way when not in use. Hang it from the wall, put it on a shelf, or lean it up against a wall.  Space in your garage is maximized.

Lifetime Warranty – The Park-n-Move comes with a lifetime warranty on all components.

Made in Canada – The Park-n-Move is proudly made in Alberta, CANADA.