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Heads up! This Harley Davidson product requires additional accessories for installation. Please select ONE of the following unless you already have a compatible power source.

This High Performance LED headlamp will replace your stock headlight to LED. Get ready to see like you’ve never seen before and by converting to an LED headlamp, you draw much less from your battery/alternator while dramatically increasing your visibility from oncoming traffic. See better than ever before, Upgrade today and see what you’ve been missing! 

Projector Headlamp w/LED Daytime Running Lights

Unsure which of our LED Head Lamp to choose? It all comes down to your preference and design. Check the Lumens rating and if you like Halo or NON-Halo. This model comes with Daytime Running Lights in a clean white LED. Some models come with optional Halo which is a (White) LED glowing around the circumference of the headlight. 

Most complaints that we’ve heard about other expensive LED headlamps is the lack of side illumination, so we listened. The PathFinderLED
® HD7DRLB uses better optics and LED chips to power the light and the end result comes close to H.I.D. like performance. 

Reflector Design: Don’t get confused with common Reflector design which uses reflectors to bounce off the original light source which usually doesn’t address a wide/far enough beam to get you good coverage. Most commonly, stock bulbs can do a better job.You barely see more at night and forget about being visible during the day, you might as well stay with your current halogen lights if you are going with reflector.

Projector Design: More complex and unlike reflector design which is common these days, the light source behind a projector is much more intense and the projector lens helps project the light source further and wider down the road. This is why higher end vehicles use projectors and not reflectors in their headlight system. We priced our LED headlight projectors so that anyone can afford one and not charge a premium just because you are getting a good light you shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg.

Better Visibility Day or Night.

If you have side passing/spot lights, don’t forget to add our our PATHFINDERLED® Side Passing Lamps and you’ll look like a locomotive coming down the road.

Choose Between INTENSE PASSING LIGHTS, PROJECTOR PASSING LIGHTS OR DROP IN LED BULBS. They all do a great job of putting more light down the road and they put the stock bulbs to shame.