We are avid motorcyclists and enjoy touring for the day, the weekend or longer. We have been riding with GIVI cases since the mid 90’s and have traveled across North America using these cases. Our first cases were the E360 saddlebags and we often felt that the cases should have an integrated light kit. The E360s are beautiful, aerodynamic and functional side cases but we were determined to develop a light kit for the cases. In early 2005, we launched our first LED light kit specifically designed for the E360 case.  Since then we have released numerous other kits specifically designed for other GIVI cases. We also have light kits for non-GIVI cases for both top case and side case applications. We also have new LED lighting products that can be used with or without any cases. We have customers using our LED lighting products throughout North America and around the world.

Our innovative LED lighting products are easy to install and significantly enhance your visibility on the road and the good looks of your motorcycle or scooter. We enjoy touring with our GIVI cases with integrated LED light kits knowing that we are significantly more visible to other motorists traveling behind us. Like us, we’re confident that you too will derive even greater enjoyment and safety when touring by adding one of our innovative LED light kits to your motorcycle or scooter.

We assemble each light kit at our small assembly facility in Calgary, Alberta. Our administrative offices are in Calgary, AB and Minneapolis, MN. We are dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality components that enhance the safety and appearance of any motorcycle or scooter.

We’re always coming out with new innovative LED lighting solutions so please check back for updates.

Here are some of the cities and towns we’ve shipped products to in the last 10 years:

So I just called you guys from Washington state at 6:30 at night my time on a Saturday. Low and behold someone was there. And that someone was cool enough to answer to phone. Now I’m not sure who reads these emails, but Dave if it is you, someday I want to shake your hand. And if its not Dave would who ever is reading this please shake his hand for me?

The reason for all this gushing support is simple. He stopped what he was doing late at night to help me diagnose my problem. Talked me through it. And then was able to tell me exactly what I needed to get to fix it, by part number. To top all that he told me to send an email to this address saying that since I had just gotten the lights (just a little over a month) that you would be able to rebate me the shipping charge. So I’m sending said email. But more so then the rebate, would somebody please give the man a High five?

Your very pleased customer, Russty S.

Russty S. (Poulsby, WA), June 2012