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New for 2020! Our popular V46 light kit now comes with amber turn signals (instead of red). Click here for the V46 kit with amber turn signals.

The AdMore Light Kit for the V46 top case. Enhance your visibility! Make sure that you’re seen with this light kit installed in your V46 top case! The AdMore LEDV46-T-TS Light Kit significantly increases your visibility on the road by providing brake light, tail light and red turn signal functionality to your GIVI V46 top case. The LED arrays that come with this kit have been custom designed to fit perfectly in this case. Using high-intensity, high-efficiency LEDs, our brake light kit draws less than 300Ma with the brakes applied (as compared with nearly 700Ma using conventional incandescent bulbs).


  • High-powered red LEDs fit perfectly behind the GIVI lenses (no modifications required)
  • Power Harness mates to case using our proprietary weatherproof, micro connectors to allow for easy and quick removal of your top case from your bike
  • High-intensity brake light
  • Case lights remain on in tail light mode while riding
  • Red turn signal functionality
  • Easy installation – only basic tools required
  • CANbus compatible

What’s Included

  • Power Harness
  • Mating case harness
  • Center-mount circuit board to illuminate center round lenses (4)
  • Two (2) high intensity red arrays to illuminate side lenses
  • Premium wire tap connectors
  • Detailed instructions with pictures
  • One (1) year limited warranty

Installation is easy and can be done in an hour or two using basic tools! You will not ride unnoticed with this light kit installed in your V46 top case!

Already have the GIVI V46 light kit installed in your case? Want to upgrade to a much brighter brake light with a continuous running / tail light in a kit that uses very little power? Order our LED replacement/retrofit board and controller (Part #LEDV46-TM)!

Compatible with:

  • Givi V46 top case
  • Red or clear/smoked case lenses

Available Options

  • To make installation even easier, if your bike is listed in the option menu above, you can select the indicated adapter which comes with an OEM connector specific for your bike!

Important All of our light kits come with premium wire tap connectors to easily, quickly and effectively tap the necessary wires on your bike. If your bike is listed in the option menu above, you can select the indicated harness or adapter which comes with an OEM connector specific for your bike to make installation even easier and faster! Please note: The adapter options are for the indicated motorcycles only!  If you do not have any of these motorcycles please do not order these optional adapters. For all other motorcycles, please choose the “Standard” harness from the option list.

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Instructions for LEDV46-T-TS Light Kit

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28 reviews for V46 TOP CASE – LED KIT (TS)

  1. Rick (verified owner)

    The wiring is a little tricky for me but AdMore called me and I figured it out. Absolutely thrilled with the results and feel better with the extra safety measures on my tail. Thank you.

  2. roger (verified owner)

    It looks good however please upgrade your install directions for the 2016 Yamaha FJR. I worked several hours on sunday and couldn’t get it to work property. One call to Dave on Monday and he stated to reverse the red and blue wires and once I did it work great.

  3. Mattijs S. (verified owner)

    Soms vertraging tussen motorfiets en koffer

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Mattijs S.
  4. Evelyn (verified owner)

  5. Thomas K. (verified owner)

    Very easy to install and wire . I loved the posi-tap for wiring it to my existing wires without any cutting , or crimping

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Thomas K.
  6. Peter Q. (verified owner)

    2018 burgman with hybrid case, different mounts, etc. one phone call to admore and a few e mails a kit was ordered. received the kit pretty fast. followed instructions, one modification, and job was complete. lights are great, instructions were great, good quality wiring, leds, etc. customer relations are fantastic. you can’t go wrong. good company. posi locks a blessing

  7. Tom K. (store manager)

    First, great product, well done! I received the lights for the v46 top case (stock Suzuki/givi) and it does fit the stock case. The installation for this case and the V-35 cases went well. The lights are awesome!

    Well, I’m heading out this morning for about 200 miles of QA for the GA Motorcycle Safety Program, lights on….

  8. Don E. (store manager)

    I have received and installed my two led kits for my V46 top case and my V35 side cases and have installed these. Thanks, the lights are great. Regarding the wire colors, those mentioned in the notes correctly corresponded to my bike.

    You might want to consider informing future French buyers that they will have to pay the 19.5% French VAT.

    That said I’m fully satisfied with the lights, thanks again,

  9. Dan G. (store manager)

    Thanks to your extremely helpful response last week.

    I just installed both the V35 & V46 kits today, and I am VERY happy with the way it worked out.

    Thanks for making such a great product!

  10. Dallas L. (store manager)

    Thankyou for your prompt service
    Lights are fitted and look great
    As we say here in Australia it was a two stubbie ( small beers) job

  11. Keith B. (store manager)

    Hi Admore, here are some photos of my 2011 Kawasaki Versy with the V46 topbox and your light system. Works great and I think just maybe the idiot drivers who can’t see may be able to see me now (if they’re not busy texting or other). Thank you

  12. Jim M. (store manager)

    I have just installed the light kit for my V46 top box and it turned out well! It makes a nice addition to the light bar I got from you guys last spring.

    Thanks for another great product!

  13. Gary L. (store manager)

    Just finished installing your lite kit in my GIVI V46, mounted on an ’06 Burgman 650. All went pretty much as the instructions intended. I moved the exit point on the box to accommodate getting the cable to make it easier to get to my light hook-up point. My only problem was finding a wiring diagram for the Burgie that actually said what colored wire did what. I finally solved the problem with a voltmeter. My wife has always been concerned about visibility at night. Last night she followed me to dinner and is now certain I can be seen…BIG TIME!! Thanks, ADmore for a superior product and I’m really impressed with the posi-tap connectors too.

  14. Pete L. (store manager)

    Fitted the new V46 kit today, alongside my existing V35s. The overall result is fantastic, the extra visibility is a real life-saver. I’ve had lots of comments about the V35 lights, and happily tell people about how quickly the kits arrive in the UK (1 week from order to delivery) and how easy they are to fit (the V46 was done in less than an hour, although the V35s took a bit longer).

  15. Allan L. (store manager)

    I think Admore makes a great product but their service and commitment to their customers can only be described as “second to none”. Kudos to Admore and I am definitely going to order their new front running LED lights… apparently they will fit perfectly on the handguards of a Vstrom.

  16. Tim L. (store manager)

    V46 LED kit – just wanted to thank you for the speedy service (a week to UK) and the excellent product and ease of fitting.
    I’m very pleased – thank you very much.

  17. Ron P. (store manager)

    I can’t tell you what a difference your lights have made. I have them on my top case as well as my side cases and everybody who sees them (how can you not see them!) is impressed at the increased visibility of the bike. My wife loves them and feels much better knowing that I can’t be missed while I’m out riding or on my way to work. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent. Thanks again!

  18. Dan P (store manager)

    I could not be happier with the light kit or your service. Sorry for the hassles! I greatly appreciate everything you’ve done and look forward to purchasing from you in the future.

  19. Mark (store manager)

    The Admore lights are really bright even in sunshine and at night they look amazing. I have had many comments from the Starship Enterprise to a circus parade, and as you can see my 2004 DL1000 looks just ace. Thank You very much for an excellent product – anything that enhances our presence on the roads over here is a serious lifesaver!!

  20. Phil J. (store manager)

    As a safety conscious biker, I take a great interest in researching anything that may help to improve my visibility in traffic, especially to the motorists that seem to always fail to notice me! Luggage on a bike can sometimes distract the motorists eye away from the tail light, especially on GIVI kits were there are red lens with no reflective strip behind or lights fitted to them – the amount of motorists that watch these red lens expecting them to light when braking is phenomenal. This can lead to cars not reacting in time before impacting to your rear and is personally something I made a priority to rectify.

    During my research I came across Admore Lighting. Initially I was cautious due to them being so far from me, but having contacted them I received a friendly email reply from David. I found David to be a very pleasant guy who at no time forced me into any purchase, and who was more than happy to help with my research and put to rest any fears I had. He even went on to make a special offer deal for fellow Bandit riders on our forum, which was excellent. The systems Admore Lighting offers excellent LED lighting at eye level, which as stated in other testimonials could in turn become a life saver!

    Installation of the kit on my 2010 Suzuki Bandit GSF 1250 SA GT was very straightforward, and everything needed was supplied! The kit was dispatched promptly and arrived within the expected time period, I even had David email me to check it had arrived safely. Instructions supplied were detailed and concise, but extremely easy to follow. All connectors supplied allow for easy installation into the bike’s electrics. Due to UK laws, it was very easy to fit the kits and leave off the signal indicator, so as to give just brake light and tail light. To fit the V35 pannier kit and the V46 topbox kits took around 4 hours in total from opening the boxes.

    Once installed these kits just blend in as if they are designed to be there. A lot of time has clearly gone into designing these kits and they do attract a lot of attention from other bikers who are keen to replicate the effect on their own bikes. I can only recommend Admore Lighting for their products, components, lighting effect, safety improvements and most of all customer service and satisfaction. Would highly recommend!

  21. Fred A. (store manager)

    I spent tonight installing the lighting kit. It works GREAT and I am VERY HAPPY with the results!

  22. Michael B. (store manager)

    I purchased the Admore lights for my V-35’s and V-46 last autumn and finally got them installed last week. They are incredible! Also, easy straight-forward instructions. Thanks for a great product!

  23. Jim A. (store manager)

    Have just fitted your full lighting kit to my topbox (Givi V46). Found the kit you sent me as advertised, instructions first class, and the kit worked perfectly first time. Well done on a great product! I belong to the Ulysses Over 50’s group here in Australia and will be recommending your kit to all in our club.

  24. Cameron E. (store manager)

    Hi, guys – Love the kit, works really well and markedly improves visibility. Kudos.

  25. David Y. (store manager)

    I think that you have a great product and I already have people asking me how they work and who I got them from. I heartily endorse your product and service to anyone that asks.
    Once again, thanks for the prompt shipment and I will most likely be purchasing additional products from you in the future as I add GIVI side cases to my motorcycle.

  26. Bill M. (store manager)

    I was never pleased with the output of the Givi stock lighting kit. I also thought that the side reflectors were begging for some lamps. Never understood why Givi was still using incandescent bulbs either. Did not seem too difficult to me to make the stock Givi kit have running lights as well as brake lights.Your product addressed all of my concerns in a simple to install, compact kit.
    Installation took about 35 minutes. I give the kit a 10 out of 10.

  27. Paul H. (store manager)

    I received and installed your LEDV46-T-TS light kit. Just wanted to tell you that it works great! It looks really good and I am very pleased. Great that you included the drill bit needed also. Very nice kit and I will purchase any additional light kits you may have in the future. Again, thanks for a great product!

  28. Jeff C. (store manager)

    I ordered the V46 light kit from you guys because the stock kit from GIVI sucks. Installation was easy and the cables and connectors you guys use are top notch. The LEDs are great and I like that they’re on all the time and go super bright when the brakes are on. You guys think of everything – right down to the drill bit! I like the color instructions too! Thanks for a great product. I would highly recommend to anyone with GIVI cases.

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