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This kit is custom designed for the V46 GIVI case and provides tail light and brake light functions (no turn signals).
The LEDV46-T is specifically designed for the GIVI V46 top case. This LED kit provides for light output that is much brighter than regular incandescent bulbs. We estimate the light output of our kit to be over 50% brighter than a conventional light kit. Unlike an incandescent kit, which illuminates only during braking, the LEDV46-T kit is always on with your bike’s tail lights and brightens significantly with your brake lights.

Using high intensity, high efficiency LED bulbs, our brake light kit draws only 180ma with the brakes applied (as compared with 635ma using conventional incandescent bulbs).

Do you have the V46 Tech case with clear lenses? No problem! Our V46 kits come with red LEDs. They will look and work great on your Tech case!

With this kit you receive: one (1) high powered LED printed circuit board, one (1) mini controller embedded in main wire harness, wiring and weatherproof quick-disconnect connectors and detailed instructions with guiding pictures.

You will not ride unnoticed with this light kit installed in your V46 case!

Already have the GIVI V46 light kit? Want a much brighter brake light with a continuous running / tail light in a kit that uses very little power? Order our LED replacement board and controller for just $69 (Part #LEDV46-TM)!

Want an LED light kit for your V46 case that lights up the side lenses and includes turn signal functionality? Order the full kit kit for your V46 case (Part # LEDV46-T-TS).

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